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May 6, 2011 08:58 AM

Suggestions requested - Group/Team Dinner. Dallas

Looking for suggestions on where to have a group dinner for business associates.

Going to be 20-30 people (from various larger cities in US). Want to keep spend reasonable, looking for cool, fun place - creative, interesting food.

Frame of reference - last meal for smaller portion of this group was at NOSH. Big hit.

Want to suprise and delight.

What ideas do people have??

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  1. No suggestions? Would love some ideas if anyone has any.....

    1. Depending on the time frame you might want to see if Milestone would do a dinner/cooking class for your group. It gives you an opportunity to mingle and eat.

      As for actual restaurants if you go to open table you can search Dallas and groups and get a list of restaurants with private dining. Keeping it "reasonable" is open for a wide interpretation. In my experience for a group that large you often don't have the same experience with a smaller party. Maybe something like Texas de Brazil where there salad bar and meat selections can feed a crowd easily.

      Good luck.

      1. Of course another option is to go down home and do Babes.