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May 6, 2011 08:27 AM

Hudson Valley Getaway

My partner and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this coming July. We are looking for a getaway to the Hudson Valley for a few days (July 2 - 5). Not sure what area to stay. We are looking for a upscale restaurant, (seafood, French, Italian, American) a town where we can walk around to other restaurants/shops. Plus we need a place that will accept a dog. I read about some restaurants in Armonk.. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure how far north you're willing to travel, but rhinebeck, hudson, new paltz, and cold spring are nice little towns that have good restaurants and nice shops. beacon is nice too, especially if you want to visit dia: beacon. there are several threads on CH about each of these towns.

    here's a link of pet-friendly hotels:

    hope this helps!

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      Thanks for the information. We are willing to go where ever.... we are driving from the Philadelphia area.

    2. Armonk is not really "Hudson valley", just northern Westchester suburbs. Look at Rhinebeck and Hudson areas as places to stay. Search these towns and also Red Hook and Tivoli for restaurants.
      I'm pretty sure some of the B&B's in Hudson would allow dogs.

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        I wouldn't even call Armonk "northern westchester"! I agree on Rhinebeck or Hudson as far enough up in the Hudson Valley to have a really nice vibe. Rhinebeck has an amazing farmer's market on Sundays (I think) in the summer; Cold Spring has a nice one on Saturdays (again, I think). If you get up to Hudson you might also see if you can get a reservation at the Basement Bistro which is not too far away (do some searches here); reservations are almost impossible to get unless you just luck out, but it is an incredible experience.

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          i agree Rhinebeck is a great getaway. My wife and i stayed at the Beekman Arms "Fire House" room, its like having your owl little apt with a private street door. Plenty of great sites to see with in a short drive CIA, lots of mansions, close to Kingston roundout for a day boat cruise. Restaurants are good but not great. I have been to Basement Bistro i have disagree with the above, Pedestrian food at best with bloated ego service. Dont bother! there are plenty of restaurants with in a 15 mile radius from Rhinebeck

      2. Cold Spring, NY is a big restaurant town. Over 25 restaurants. Nicely situated right on the river. Lots of outdoor dining where you can bring your doggie...