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May 6, 2011 06:29 AM

Fahrenheit - Serious coffee on the Esplanade!

Earlier this week a new small coffee place quietly opened on the Esplanade, on the eastern end towards Berkeley Castle. Fahrenheit is a serious espresso spot, run by Sameer Mohamed who was one of the original founders of Sense Appeal coffee on Spadina. The tiny front space is just a counter and some stools -- it's all about the coffee, not a place to hang out and work on a laptop. In the back is a classroom area with multiple espresso machines that will be used to teach classes.

There's quite a bit of coffee available in the neighbourhood but none that focus so much on the quality of the coffee itself, so it's exciting to have this nearby. Sameer's enthusiasm for coffee is unparalleled, and he's more than happy to share it with anyone in the vicinity. While I'm no espresso expert myself, I've certainly paid too much for barely palatable coffee over the years at places that claim to know better: but after trying all three bean variations currently on offer I can confirm that this is tasty stuff, head and shoulders above some of the other nearby places. The location is a bit off the beaten path but worth hunting down. There's no sign yet, look for the green awning.

A recent online review gives some more details and photos:

Sense Appeal
96 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON , CA

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  1. Thanks for the post! I saw this tiny little spot when I was running to catch a bus. Living in the Distillery, we just got Caffe Furbo recently, which is also serious espresso, but you can never have too many good cafes.

    Any idea on their hours?

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    1. re: jmeggs

      Hours are on the door, I don't remember when they open (morning obviously) think they are open until 5 or 6 every day. I did notice they are closed Sundays, maybe not ideal for those heading along The Esplanade to the Distillery on one of its busier days of the week.

      I also like Furbo a lot. Also very reliable coffee but with a totally different European-esque cafe/bar vibe. Bisogno up at King/Sherbourne is also a regular haunt with a mix of both good coffee and friendly people. No need to fall asleep or drink mediocre chain coffee in this neighbourhood anymore!

      1. re: Gary

        Hey all, We are open from 7am-6pm Monday - Friday, and 8am-5pm. See you all soon!!
        Sameer From Fahrenheit

    2. Was looking forward to giving this place a shot, but when we got there at like 10:45a.m. Saturday morning it was locked tight with no lights. Hours said it should have been open, and no sign offering any explanation. Walked by later in the day and still closed. Could be D.O.A. It was kinda a bad location.

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      1. re: jmeggs

        Sorry about that jmeggs. I decided to close for the long weekend. Hope to see you soon.

        Sameer from Fahrenheit

        1. re: fahrenheitcoffee

          i'd think that long weekends are great times for local cafes to make money.

          Broadview Espresso (in my hood) is KICKING during long weekends and stat holidays.

          Just saying'...

          Broadview Espresso
          817 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

            1. re: blogs

              Certain things are obvious to you and me. Signs indicating that one is closed on a stat holiday, or opening on a stat holiday.

              Its funny because Broadview Espresso sent out a Facebook blast saying that they're open today. Planning on driving by to get a latte soon. Guaranteeing you that there will be a line-up. Yes, staff gets paid time and a half, but you're still making profit.

        2. Thanks for the info. The place is VERY close to my in-laws' condo on Scadding so I will have to check this place out.