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May 6, 2011 05:32 AM

Where to eat in Plymouth/Newport RI area and Concord,Lexington and Lowell area

While we are visit the New England area we will be spending a day in the Plymouth,Newport and Fall River. I was hoping some of you had suggestions for good places to eat. We are looking for inexpensive-moderately priced food that is local and either seafood or ethnic food.

We will also be in the Lowell,Concord,Salem,Lexington area one day so any suggestions of good places to eat in that are would be appreciated as well.

I have been looking at Gloucester,Ma and it looks like they have a good bit of seafood there,which is the best place to eat at there?

We will actually be staying in Ware,Ma during the duration of our trip,are there any good restaurants around there?

Also any bakeries in those areas that are good would be appreciated as well as any good ice cream establishments.

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  1. Have you tried doing any CH searches? For Ware, try doing a search for 'south shore' and then doing other searches by town.

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      Ware or Wareham? Ware is near Springfield, MA and Wareham is the beginning of the "old" cape, Makes a huge difference on drive time and where to eat.

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        oh man do i feel stupid. thanks fan for noticing my flub.