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May 6, 2011 04:59 AM

Another make ahead breakfast plea...with more contraints

I'm running a half marathon on a Saturday w/ about 25 women, most of whom are flying in and renting a cabin for the long weekend. I'd love to bring them something for their breakfast on Sunday morning. The problem is I have to make/bake it on Friday and still want it to be good Sunday. It will sit in the car all day Saturday, possibly in a lot of heat. I could use a cooler but they won't have one. The best thing I can come up w/ is coffee cake, maybe more of a pound cake style one that would be good two days later? Anything else? They will have a stove and toaster oven, full dishes/utensils. Any ideas? I'm stumped because two days later, most baked goods won't taste good.

Another idea is possibly just to provide something good for munchies on Saturday late afternoon for munchies. Someone is already bringing cupcakes. Savory might be good as contrast. Any thoughts for either? Thanks!

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  1. I would make a big creamy feta, dill, potato and lemon zest frittata. Wrap it in those crystal or gel cooler sheets. It will keep beautifully for a long time and you can reheat it in the toaster oven, cut into squares and wedges and enjoy. It will be great.

    1. If you freeze water in 2-liter bottles or half-gallon jugs, they will keep a cooler cold for a very long time. Get those bottles into the freezer NOW - they will take a long time to freeze sold. I would make breakfast burritos, individually wrapped in foil (for reheating in a covered low pan on stove) or microwaveable plastic (for microwave reheating), and freeze these. Put them underneath the ice bottles in the cooler. They will easily last until Sunday.

      1. How about a homemade granola with nuts (or keep nuts separated) and dried fruit? Biscotti?
        Granola bars.
        These two look good. I made a bar from her but I can't find it now.

        Not much does well in a hot car. Since you say 'they won't have one', you could use a "disposable" cooler that you could give to them, but they or you would have to get more ice after leaving and then they could get milk and yoghurt (they will need stuff for coffee anyway?) Also give them coffee, tea and juice like cranberry that can be kept without refrigeration for breakfast, maybe?

        1. All these are good ideas. I don't have freezer space but could buy ice the night before and that should work in a disposable cooler. Hmmm, they don't have a microwave but the toaster oven might work to reheat them and I could fill them with the eggs/potato/dill idea. I wasn't planning on providing their whole breakfast but just something that would tide them over.

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            I like the granola idea for breakfast. Easy to make ahead and even freeze if you want to make really far ahead. You can portion it out into pretty cellophane bags. Perhaps offer that up with some fresh fruit (maybe apples, which should withstand hanging out in a car just fine).

            For savory afternoon snacks, how about some savory parmesan palmiers or cheese straws? Spiced nuts would also be a nice contrast to the cupcakes.

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              You can't put enough food *and* ice in a disposable cooler for 25 people. You want a big camping cooler, and block ice + frozen water bottles. From many years camping experience, I can tell you that a packed cooker with block ice will stay cold for at least two days. Just don't keep opening it.

              I'd suggest quiches and fresh fruit. You can bake the quiches ahead of time, they'll keep well in the cooler. Toss in some bunches of grapes, a pineapple, a melon. Good eats.

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                I think 25 smallish breakfast burritos should work in the cooler, especially if they're frozen and I add ice. I have little freezer space and will barely be able to fit in the burritos (my husband's buffalo wings have been sacrified as it is so he'd be very upset to find bottles of frozen water in the freezer). It really only needs to last a few hours during the day and then when they get back to the cabin, they can refrigerate.

            2. Chowser, I make the disappearing oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, on the top of the Quaker's carton, replacing the butter with an equal amount of banana and cutting a bit of the sugar. They come out chewy and cakey (I make them a bit bigger than a usual cookie) and the oatmeal and raisins will provide some good sustenance for runners. As a note, I did hear that Quaker's changed the box, so you may want to google for the recipe.

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                I'm thinking the granola (idea from above)/cookie idea might work, too. I haven't made it but I do have a trail mix biscotti that would be good for Saturday. But, this is only if I have the energy on Friday w/out overdoing it. Thanks for all your help, everyone. I like the direction it's all gone.

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                  +1. those cookies are great. you can also sub with unsweetened applesauce--won't be able to taste it.

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                    Kate, these are my oatmeal cookies and I have yet to come across anything better, so +2! And they do manage to keep very well, great chewy texture and sweetness. You've just reminded me that it's been a while since I've made some.

                    @ Chowser, it's probably too late by now but I'm wondering if some whole fresh pineapple wouldn't deteriorate much in the car? If the weather were really hot I'd think not, but it hasn't been bad at all. Just thinkin :)