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The Dutch

I dropped in for dinner last night. The place was packed but I managed to get a seat at the bar which serves the full menu.

They start you off with a delicious warm loaf of corn bread served with whipped butter. My appetizer was a smoked lamb link with red quinoa, local yogurt, and minty slivers of cucumber and red onion. Great balance of flavors. My entree was a terrific pecan duck with celery and organic dirty rice. Dessert was apple rhubarb pie with poached rhubarb and frozen yogurt. The crunchy streusel was nice touch and the dish was lighter than I expected.

It's great to have Andrew Carmellini interpreting American food with his own creative twist. The room was handsome and had a great vibe. The kitchen was a bit slow but the friendly service more than made up for that. The other diners were having raw oysters, fried oyster sliders, fried chicken, and several other dishes that I plan to try on my next visit.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. I've heard it's great, but man, all the Eater NY shilling killed me.

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      Yeah, Eater went overboard with the hype. But The Dutch turned out to be a really nice, surprisingly low key restaurant with no attitude whatsoever from the staff or the other patrons. If you like the food at the Breslin or Spotted Pig, you might enjoy this place.

      Spotted Pig
      314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

      The Breslin
      20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

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        Totally agree about the EATER NY shilling, which was flagrant, relentless and repulsive.

      2. Just had lunch at the Dutch today. The cucumber thyme lemonade was super. At 1st I thought it might be too sweet, but it's barely sweet, and really refreshing for a hot day like today. The corn bread was moist, the butter nice and soft for spreading. Question, I saw a lot of folks eating it with a fork, am I missing something, or am I Neanderthal for cutting it in half and using my fingers? Soft shell crab sandwich, nice and crispy, not overly greasy, and the fries I ordered well done were great. Dessert, I ordered the salted lime pie, similar to key lime with a hint of tequila, which was much better then my dining friends strawberry rhubarb. Looking forward to trying it again. I think next time, the duck sliders...

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          The warm cornbread was delicious. I also enjoyed the spring salad, grilled cod, and the salted lime pie, thanks for recommending it. I especially liked the coconut sorbet that came with it. Service was wonderful.

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            Going there again today for lunch, but I can't decide if I should get the fried chicken or just a burger... Anyone have both and able to comment on them?

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              Had the fried chicken. Very good. There's a really nice taste when you first bite into it. I don't know what it is, but something that you taste in only good homemade fried chicken. I think 2 can share this if you ordered with the fries and a salad. Cherry pie for dessert, nice crust, could have been just a little bit sweeter. I didn't care for the ceviche, it was more like a ceviche soup with too much calamari in it for me.

            1. re: peter j

              Thanks. Good to know. We enjoyed dinner, both food and service, when we went.

            2. A friend and I had dinner at The Dutch last night and, sadly, we were underwhelmed. First thing we noted was the noise - it was very loud and, considering we had an early reservation (6:30 p.m.) we could only wonder what it would be like later in the evening. Second, our waitress really seemed clueless. Her response to our question about some wine was "well, it's popular.:" Nice to know but not very helpful. Then, when we asked her about some of the appetizers and entrees, her comment was - everything's great. Again, glad to know she likes the food but not very insightful.

              As for the food itself, well, it was a mixed bag. As people have noted, the cornbread is, indeed, wonderful. My friend and I split the salad with buttermilk dressing (very good) and shared the side of spinach with shallots and chili (good but nothing special). I had the scallops which I enjoyed very much - light, flavorful, a nice summer dish. My friend had the lamb neck with mole, which she didn't enjoy at all. She commented that it was too fatty and not enjoyable to eat. When she mentioned this to our waitress her reply was "Really? Maybe you got a bad cut."

              All in all, I'm glad we tried it but have no burning desire to return.

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                I don't get the trend for lamb neck either. It's on a lot of menus but I can't say I've been converted. Glad you liked the cornbread and the other dishes.

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                  Agreed with you both about lamb neck. I've had it once and once was enough.

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                  I just read it as well. No mention of the fried chicken.

                  1. re: michele cindy

                    The review appears to be all about dinner at the Dutch. The Fried Chicken is offered only during lunch.

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                      Thanks for clarifying. It's also on the late night menu. Have you had it? There's this taste I really liked that came through when you had your first bite. I can't place the flavor, but it's really nice almost sweet, and buttery. Any idea what it is?

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                        No I've not had the Fried chicken. It's probably worth a try on my subsequent visits. I've had the Roasted Smoke Chicken for dinner, though .... and it was a very good dish!

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                          It's a small sized chicken but there's a big portion of it. If I go again, I'd get it as an app. to share with a group rather then my main dish.

                2. Was the chef on vacation? I had one of my worst meals in ages at the Dutch. The corn bread was good but not enough incentive to return. Our bloody mary crab appetizer was tasty but nothing special. Then came the disappointments-- a very fatty veal porterhouse and a beautifully presented but totally uninspired (and minute portion) of rabbit pot pie. We won't be returning....ever!

                  1. i went to the dutch reluctantly about 3 weeks ago. i expected poor food, a horrible crowd, and crap service. instead, i got surprisingly very good food, a horrible crowd, and decent service.

                    the cornbread was a nice touch but nothing amazing like people have written about. i had the fried oyster mini sandwiches which were delicious...it made me forget that they are $5 a pop. the smoked ricotta ravioli was fine but nothing id order again. the smoked chicken was a surprise winner. two large boneless pieces that were moist, smoked, and expertly prepared. my girlfriend's pecan duck was excellent as well. i really liked the chicken livers in the rice. the salted lime pie was okay but for $9, a bit forgettable.

                    the service was competent but you can definitely sense that there is a hierarchy there...not as disguised as it is at minetta. the spikey haired maitre'd was a bit ridiculous. the servers were friendly but they try too hard in my opinion.

                    i was expecting to hate the dutch but id consider going back for their late night menu if im hungry at that time. id check it out if you havent been.

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                    1. re: sam1

                      At around what time does the "late night" menu kick in? I checked out their website, but couldn't find any mention of the time.

                      1. re: Crepes Suzette

                        The last time I was there (a Sunday night, I believe), the late night menu started at midnight. They did take pity on us and let us order the fried chicken 20 minutes early...

                    2. Went today for lunch with 4 people. Did a couple of oysters per person, a salad and ribs for the table, and then three entrees, and that was perfect. The fried chicken isn't as good as Charles' in Harlem, but it's pretty great, and the honey-butter biscuits were to die for. Everything else ranged from good to phenomenal -- a special shout-out for the ribs and the pies. The place got loud as it filled, but it was still totally a great time.

                      1. Went there about a week ago and I would go back. Oyster silder/sandwiches were great, the white boy ribs i thought were okay but not worth ordering again. Shared the asparagus okonoymaki which was cooked well and all but i dont think it made sense conceptually. Mains i got the duck and my companion got the bass. the hype about the duck is warranted and the bass was good as well.

                        Dessert wise they had the peach pie and key lime that day. We ended up getting the peach pie and the devils food cake. Pie was good, but did not equal the hype that was built up for it, good pie, not destination pie. the Devils food cake is a must get and I would order again in an instant. Definetely will be returning and want to come by for etiher lunch or brunch in the future.

                        1. based on my one meal at the bar: mediocre to poor...overly greasy food, served up w/ pretention...even the oysters were mediocre quality...unlikely to return...