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Feb 7, 2006 09:09 PM

Zelo's is the best pizza in Los Angeles

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Having moved here from the pizza-crazed town of Boston in the 80's, and sampled many pizzas, including the heavy hitters (Casa Bianca, Daminao, Domenico's, Jacopo's, Abbot's, Albano's, Lamonica's, Coop, Joe Peeps, Mulberry, and more) I am here to declare that, IMHO, the best pizza in Los Angeles is....

Zelo's Pizza in Arcadia.

Some have mentioned it on the board before, but this is the first time I'd ventured out to SGV to try it.

This is the first pizza that I thought was good on its own terms, and not one of those "well, it's good pizza, but not like REAL pizza." I had no such thoughts as I ate my delicious sausage and pepper slice.

Now, one must realize that this is a deep dish Chicago style pizza, so one has to enjoy that style.

The little shop also features cool artwork, friendly employees, and a good selection of bottled beers.

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  1. Yeah, it is good, esp. if you like deep-dish thick crusted pizzas with exotic, eclectic toppings.

    But lets not get carried away, best pizza in LA ... hmmm.

    Sometimes I'm in the mood for cornmeal, sometimes I'm not. Go figure.

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    1. re: ipse dixit

      It's tough to deem it the best since it's a very specific style.....but, I'm hard pressed to call any other LA pizza the best.

      It wouldn't hold a candle to....say.....Lombardi's in New York. But, to my mind, if I had to choose a best LA pizza overall, this is it.

      1. re: Scooty

        that would be casa bianca or al gelato in my estimation. zelo's was all right, though it was not that great, kind of liked the ingenuity behind the cornmeal dusting on the bottom of the crust, interesting to say the least, although i don't usually like cornbread for the crust of my pizza. and i don't really care for chicago style deep dish, which zelo in arcadia is sort of emulating.

        i've been to lombardi's and every few weeks or so i start to crave it although i don't think it's a benchmark pizza even for new york, it's more neapolitan style (kind of like some of the thin-crust pizzas with sparingly applied cheese proferred around town.)

    2. After hearing about Zelo's late last year, I gve it qa try last month. Interesting pizza...kind of a Chicago-style deep dish but with a definate California flair, esp with the toppings/fillings. For "authentic" deep dish/stuffed crust, Tony's in Placentia still rules along with Chicago Pasta House in Moreno Valley, However, for a change of pace, if I'm in the area, Zelo's is more than worth the stop.

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      1. re: RSMBob

        Do I have the addresses correct? I might give these a try.

        Zelo's Pizza (Cornmeal Chicago/California Pizza)
        328 E. Foothill Blvd.
        Arcadia, CA
        (626) 358-8298
        North of 210 / East of Santa Anita.

        Tony's Little Italy (Chicago Deep Dish)
        1808 N Placentia Ave Ste B
        Placentia, CA 92870-2300
        (714) 528-2159
        East of the 57, North of Yorba Linda, Blvd.

        Chicago Pasta House (Chicago Deep Dish)
        24667 Sunnymead, Blvd.
        Moreno Valley, CA 92553
        (951) 924-5777
        Exit the 60 at Perris Blvd. – just South of the 60.

        1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

          Yep, I think you've got 'em right.
          Tony's also has a website...
          They moved a year or so ago after being in the old location a mile away for 20+ years.

          I'd be interested to hear what you think about all 3 of the places.

          1. re: RSMBob

            Haven't been to Tony's as of yet. Tough to make it down that way, though for good pizza it would be worth it.

            I did check out the Moreno Valley spot once before a Rancho Cucumonga Quakes game. The pizza was OK, very cheesey and thick. I unfortunately haven't spent much time in Chicago, but it reminded me of Q's pizza, which used to have a branch in New Hampshire.

            In any event, the restaurant was very dirty inside. There were piles of trash on the ground. The bathrooms stunk of urine. The silverware had chunks of dried food attached, and the cups had finger-smeared grease on them from where the cook must have grabbed them. The air was stifling, nobody was there at 7pm on a Friday, and service was glacial. I definitely would not trek out there again.

            1. re: Scooty

              Yum, I'm hungry! LOL!

              Wow, sounds like a bad experience there. I haven't been to CPH in 2 years now, but the 8-10 times I have been there it has been a mix. Food, however, has always been excellent. Crowds from empty to wait for a table, service from blase to having the owner sit down and converse and check up on you and bring you food you didn't order just so he can get your opinion. Bathrooms...yeah, they need work.

              Try TOny's stuffed crust pizza...very casual place but they do the food right there. Call ahead...the pizza takes 40 minutes. Last time we did that they even set a table up for us when we told them we were going to eat in (it was late and we had two young kids with us so we were very appreciative for them setting things up for us!).

      2. I'm not a deep dish fan, nor a corn meal crust fan so I didn't care much for their pizza the one time I've gone. A friend from Chicago though thinks it's the best in town.

        1. I just tried it tonight and I don't get it at all(and the wife says she'll never, ever go back). I thought it was OK, nothing more. The cornmeal crust didn't effect me one way or the other. The toppings were kind of tasteless except for the peppers which overwhelmed everything else. I'll go back to Numero Uno for this stle of pizza.

          1. I haven't been there, but I'll just say that I totally am annoyed by the "cornmeal on the bottom of (bagels/pizza) makes it authentic". No real NY bagel or pizza place puts cornmeal on the bottom. There was a great comment about this in the NYT article about the Domino's "brooklyn style" pizza.

            I suggest Pizza Buona in Echo Park.