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May 5, 2011 10:54 PM

Go Go Gyro - Los Altos

There have been some changes in the food at Village Court, the shopping center at the southwest corner of El Camino and San Antonio in Los Altos.

Go Go Gyro is a new and welcome addition. The menu is a simple set of sandwiches, salads, dips, and a few others dishes like pastisio and dolmades. It's aimed at providing good and quick Greek food and succeeded well with the lamb/beef gyro on my first visit. I'll have to try out more of the menu now.

Spicy Leaves has closed, perhaps because people like me found out you could get their most distinctive dishes at Amber in a more pleasant atmosphere for the price. We went there a lot to explore the menu when it first opened but hadn't been back in a long time. Rumor has it that a Korean place may be taking over this spot, which would also be good news - like Go Go Gyro, that would fill a real culinary void in this neighborhood.


Go Go Gyro
4546 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022

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  1. How's the Vietnamese place in Village Court? I keep eyeballing it but not stopping in.

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    1. re: bbulkow

      I've only had the Pho Ga there and was not impressed. Pho Wagon in Sunnyvale is closer to me and tastes better. I still haven't found a pho place I really like in this area, though. There used to be one on Murphy Street in Sunnyvale but it didn't last long...


      Pho Wagon
      1627 Hollenbeck Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94087

      1. re: bbulkow

        Pho Vi Hoa is the one in Village Court. I've had the rice plates here which were passable; The pho at Pho Vi Hoa is better than Pho Hoa (on Castro), but not by much. It's just an average Vietnamese place.

        I'm in the same boat as mdg; I haven't found that great pho place in Silicon Valley yet.

        1. re: mhuang

          Sounds like you guys range a little further south than I do. I'm slightly happy about Hometown Noodle in RWC, but not super-great. The search continues.

          Hometown Noodle Restaurant
          3151 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

      2. I tried this place out a few weeks ago - very disappointed...all served in take-out containers, You can't even get a cup of water - have to buy bottled water...
        Lentil soup was not much better than canned...served in a paper pint cup
        The gigante bean salad was bland....
        the sandwiches are heated in the microwave...
        Not the best quality or service...we went hungry and left hungry - the food was just not worth eating IMO

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        1. re: takuhead

          I didn't think they were even open a few weeks ago, so if you went immediately after they opened it might well have gotten better. You certainly can get a cup of water there, as I did with my lunch. However, the place is definitely oriented towards takeout and quick service, so if you want something fancier and more elaborate, this is not for you.


          1. re: mdg

            They had been open for at least a week when I went - I don't have a problem with fancy at all - but a paper plate or bowl would have been a lot better for eating out of. Most of our favorite places are sorta of "divey" or "hole in the wall" places = so that is not an issue.
            It was the service and the quality of the food - flavors - that were so disappointing. I doubt that he will make it at that location.
            Glad you can at least get a cup of water now.

          2. re: takuhead

            I like rose market in MV on a warm day. Get the kebabs at the grill in the back parking lot. Yum.

          3. Terrible food, and terrible service:

            I ordered a basic Gyro, nr#1 on their menu. The waitress asked if I wanted a 'lunch special', when I asked what that was she told me to go out front and read their chalkboard.

            For $8 I received a piece of pita bread with 3 strips of microwaved mince meat, two slices of tomato and drowned in mayo (tatsiki) sauce.


            For the same experience, go to Burger King and order a whopper for 1/8 the price.

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            1. re: Gulasch

              Good advice - we tried it again - horrible food and very blah service