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May 5, 2011 10:16 PM

Single-Serving Plain Yogurt in Calgary?

I would like some single-serving containers of plain yogurt. I don't eat yogurt with artificial sweeteners, and I'm sick of the fruity-flavored ones that have like, twenty grams of sugar per container. In a perfect world it'd be Greek yogurt, but this is Calgary. I'm happy to buy them in a multi-pack or as singles. I'd rather not pay Amaranth-ish prices (not that I've seen them at Amaranth)- do any grocery stores carry single servings of plain yogurt?

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  1. That is one of my mom's biggest peeves. I'll ask her if she's found anything but I don't think she's had much luck. Sorry.

    You could make your own. It's pretty easy once you have a culture started.

    1. I've bought single servings of plain yogurt (to make dips with). I'm pretty sure I've bought them a few times at Safeway (the LIberty brand in the natural aisle).

      1. Co-op sells single serving sizes of Bles-Wold which is produced in Lacombe, AB. Certainly not Greek-style though.

        1. What I do is buy the tubs of plain Greek by Liberte or PC, and portion it out myself.

          1. Superstore has singles of Liberte as well

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              I was at Superstore yesterday. The only Liberte singles I saw were flavored. Where'd you find singles plain?

              1. re: maplesugar

                Sorry - late reply. I shop Deerfoot Meadows and buy the Libertie plain to make yogurt at home. It is in the organic dairy section.

                Superstore is always touch and go though...

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                  So Superstore at Deerfoot Meadows carries Liberte single serving size plain yogurt?? Wow I can only find the multipack of flavored ones in single serve size at our store. I'll definitely have to stop in the next time we're down there.