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Church Street

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I was over there the other day and see Voglie (north of Wellesley, west side) has a new name. New owners? Also see construction activity at the old Zelda's. It has been empty for about a year.

Anyone have any info?

582 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y2E5, CA

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  1. The former Voglie is now Sugo Trattoria. I had an earlyish Friday-night dinner there a few weeks ago--very friendly service, good food, and a nice windowside table overlooking Church.

    I had beef-cheek risotto (the weather was still pretty cold then, so the dish was rich and substantial enough to be comforting), and my guest had the coppa di pesce misto. Both dishes were properly prepared (the risotto was better than Romagna Mia's, and the seafood in the pesce misto was perfectly cooked,).

    The only disappointment was my dessert--zeppole, which sounds more interesting on the menu than it is in reality (essentially, deep-fried dough sticks served with a chocolatey sauce--meh.). My guest had house-made tiramisu, which was much better. One appetizer, two mains, two desserts, a bottle of wine, one cappucino, tax, and tip brought the bill to around $140 or $150, IIRC. I'd definitely go back there.


    No idea what's going on at Zelda's--I just walked by there on my way to work this morning and noticed that at least half of the space seems to be under construction.

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      Thanks wdt. Looks like the same chef that was there when it was Voglie. Some of the same menu items also. I had dinner there a couple of years ago and it was fair, but not good enough to go back. The tiramisu was good although I am not much of a dessert eater.I wish them well in this reincarnation.

      582 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y2E5, CA

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        Voglie was purchased by the Fuzion folks next door and changed into Sugo. I was aware that it was the same chef as Voglie so we were not in a big rush to get over there. I enjoyed my food at Voglie but was not really wowed by anything. The menu looks more interesting and glad to hear that the food was solid.

        We live in the 'hood and have heard a lot of rumours about the former Zelda's spot. The most consistant is that it's being split into two locations. One being a burger place and the other being a chain pub location. But nothing confirmed so will see what happens when the construction is done.

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          Thanks, abigllama. Even though another burger place and a chain pub might not be the most creative choice, it will certainly be good to see Zelda's space in use again. Now if only the beer store's ugly parking lot would morph into an attractive neighbourhood restaurant or independent pub (along the lines of Bar Volo or Hair of the Dog, for instance), I would be pretty happy. But I know that's not gonna happen.

          1. re: waydowntown

            Thanks for the info abigllama. Seems chains are mostly what can survive on Church. keep hearing rumours that the owners of Cafe California are thinking of retiring.

            Cafe California
            538 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

            1. re: MargieEv

              Keep in mind this is just word of mouth info from friends that work in the area. But promise to post when I get confirmation on it!

      2. re: waydowntown

        Sugo is no longer with us. Hopefully something awesome takes it's place.

      3. Acme Burger has just opened in the south half of the space that was formerly Zelda's. The north half still has a "for lease" sign up in the window.

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          the space is indeed being split into 2.

          acme burger

          and wait for it...........

          Tim Horton's