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May 5, 2011 08:09 PM

Recs for Birchmount and St. Clair

Hello all,

My family and I will be in the Birchmount and St. Clair area in the coming weeks for a family function, and require recommendations for a restaurant to have lunch at afterwards. This will be a Tuesday around noon. There will be approximately 15 of us, and a recommendation that would please all palates would be appreciated, as I don't have any idea what some of the other guests' food preferences are. I am completely unfamiliar with this area, so any and all recommendations are welcome!

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Not in the immediate area, about a 10 minute drive away is

    Solid family restaurant that will cater to all palates.

    1. First off, that intersection is basically a deadzone, just a gas station and a run down plaza. If you want to feed that sized group of people, you might need to drive, but there are options relatively close by.

      Just out of curiousity, where exactly are you coming from, elsewhere in the city or out of town?

      Well, either way, heres a few suggestions:

      There is a Mandarin Buffet at Birchmount and Eglinton, just a 2 minute drive north from St Clair.

      Up the street at Birchmount and Danforth is Pho Dai Ban, a Vietnamese place that can seat that many people, decent food but might not be for everyone.

      At Danforth Rd and Danforth Ave there is a new BBQ restaurant that for the time being cannot be mentioned on this site for whatever reason, but its at the North East corner. Its new and for now its only takeout, but you can order enough food for takeout to feed the whole group. They have Pulled Pork, Brisket, Ribs, Chicken and tons of sides like fries, beans, mashed potatos, chili, mac n cheese, salads etc, and its very good if you ask me.

      Also in that general area there is a Swiss Chalet if I remember correctly, and this area is only about 5 minutes away from Birchmount and St Clair

      What else what else, If you go up Warden(which is 1 main street west of Birchmount) to Eglinton, there are a few more options in the area. A little west at Lebovic in the lot with the Canadian Tire and Cineplex Odeon there are a few restaurants, Imperial Buffet, East Side Mario's and I think another restaurant or 2. This is on the south side of Eglinton.

      On the North Side there is a Kelseys right across from a McDonalds. Everything else in that plaza Is basically fast food.

      If you take Kennedy north(Kennedy is 1 major street East of Birchmount), you will find a few options. At Lawerence, in the plaza on the North East side, you will find the Original Pizza Nova Restaurant, its dine-in, a nice little place with good italian food. Id consider this different from other Pizza Nova's because they do cook a bunch of meals that arent pizza, so this would be good for people young or old.

      Further north at Ellesmere there is a Friendly Greek restaurant, and further up just before the 401 there are a few restaurants in that lot too, including Mr Greek and I think a few others.

      I cant think of anything else in range that could accomodate 15 people. If you can eat at the persons home you will be at, I might recommend the Unnamed BBQ place, you can get a bunch of options from them. Other then that, i know 15 people will have different tastes so Buffet's are always safe, and Pizza Nova Ristaurante is a safe bet too.

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        Wow, thank you for all of the recommendations, they are much appreciated!

        I am coming in from Whitby, so not too far out of the city, but I have to say I've never spent any time in the Birchmount/St. Clair area! We are not going to be at a house, unfortunately we will be at Pine Hills Cemetery for the interment of a family member's ashes. We have relatives coming up from the Niagara area as well, hence the need for something in the vicinity of the cemetery rather than having everyone trek out to Whitby.