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May 5, 2011 06:47 PM

Non-beef "burgers"

Forget the debate about what is and isn't a burger, let's save that for another day. For now, I'm trying to compile a list of the best non-beef "burgers" in the area. I don't want to make this a thread only on veggie burgers, I'm more interested in the tukey's, the lamb's, and the salmon's of the world.

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  1. Ahi Burger at 5 Napkin (at least the one in Midtown West in NYC -- haven't been to the Pru yet), is a really good piece of barely seared fish in a great bun

    1. Don't know if it any good or not, but Bartley's in Harvard Square just put a "Bin Laden Burger" on their menu today: It is described as "a turkey burger with hot as hell hot suace, and blue cheese dressing, served with fries".

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        The great thing about Bartley's is that they will make any of their burgers w/ turkey or veggie instead of beef. My favorite is the Tom Brady w/a turkey pattie.

      2. Had the salmon burger at Temple Bar the other night and was pretty pleased. Ordered medium on the recommendation of my server it was tasty with cabbage and a ginger-chili mayo.

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          I have the salmon burger at Henrietta's Table on my list.

          Henrietta's Table
          One Bennett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

        2. The Tuna Tartare Burger at Atlantic Fish isn't bad.

          1. Four Burgers has a black bean burger, a turkey burger, and a salmon burger. I haven't tried any, but it's no my list based on recommendations from friends.

            Four Burgers
            704 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

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            1. re: Area Man

              The turkey burger is good. Not dry and I love the apple cranberry chutney. I've had a bison burger there as well. I think it was a special/limited time offer.

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                I typically hate turkey burgers and thought this one was ok.