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May 5, 2011 06:45 PM

Help...Quality budget meals in Paris for Student travellers.

My son and a couple of his university friends are back packing in Europe and head to Paris next. Any suggestions on where to get good meals on a limited budget?

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  1. This thread has a lot of good recommendations:

    If your son will have access to a refrigerator (or even if he doesn't), the best way to eat cheaply is to get basic supplies at the grocery store or a market and put together a good picnic. You can make a great lunch out of just cheese and bread and charcuterie.

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    1. re: LiaM

      thanks. they are planning to do some of that. Still looking for a handful of reasonable restaurants too. Know any?

      1. re: grillgrub

        What do you think of all the threads mentiong budget restaurants. Are none of them right for you?