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May 5, 2011 06:01 PM

Brownie Aficionados -- experience with BAKED brownies?

I recently baked the brownies from BAKED: New Frontiers in Baking. The recipe has been acclaimed by ATK, Martha Stewart, and Oprah. I haven't seen it mentioned in the many brownie postings here, so I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with it.

Admittedly, I over baked them. I should have gone by smell, rather than the timer, so they were drier than they should have been. I can't taste them myself, and had to rely on the comments of a group whose palates I'm unfamiliar with. One said they were too sweet. One said they were more like a cake than a brownie (probably due to over baking and pan size), and wanted them topped with whipped cream. Others were just happy to being eating non-pre-packaged food. I served them in tiny bite size squares.

So -- how does this recipe stack up against your go-to recipe?

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  1. I've made this one:

    I had the complete opposite experience. Mine seemed overly fudgy and almost uncooked. I ended up putting them back in the oven after cutting in the hopes of drying them out and firming them up a bit. Didn't quite work.

    I should try them again as I may have messed up somewhere...

    1. Try this link or a search on this board for "brownies"
      If you want to see "how does this recipe stack up against your go-to recipe?" they are quite a few recipes included.

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        I liked the baked brownie. Fudgy and chocolatey. My favorite brownie recipe , however, is the one by Ina Garten: outrageous brownies.

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          I really like her brownie pudding recipe. In fact it's basically replaced regular brownies in my house for years.

      2. I love, love, love the baked brownie. It is *definitely* worth giving another go, if you are up for it.
        My two other go-to's (and surprised that ButterTart hasn't beat me to the punch on this) are 1) Nick M's Supernatural Brownie and 2) Alice Medrich's Cocoa Brownies. Medrich's are fast and easy, (no melted chocolate). I actually get more compliments on hers...but they both different.

        Many, many threads on brownies here. Almost forgot about the Mancatcher Brownies--those are great also! (below) Happy Baking!!

        1. I've used the Baker's One Bowl brownie recipe for years and love how fudgy and gooey and dense they are. I recently bought both of the Baked cookbooks after borrowing from the library and LOVING some of the recipes, so I tried the Baked brownie. As far as flavor goes, they are excellent, but I found them way too cakey and crumbly for my liking. It made quite a large batch so I froze most of them, and I have to say that straight from the freezer they are awesome... but I would not make this particular recipe again.

          1. Sounds like they are worth giving another go. I may need to do a brownie bake-off and compare a few side by side, the Baked, the Barefoot Contessa, the Supernatural, and an old bakery recipe I haven't made for several years. If I get around to it, I'll post.