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May 5, 2011 05:47 PM

Where can I buy heart+lung in hartford, ct or springfield, ma area?

I want to make a German dish containing heart and lung. Does anyone know a butcher close to the mass/ct border that sells those?

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  1. Have you tried Arnold's Meats in Chicopee? I dont specifically know that they have heart & lung... but if they don't, i'm sure they would be able to tell you who does have it...

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    1. re: corinnerose

      thanks. I called them they don't sell them and they think that lungs aren't being sold anywhere but at slaughterhouses. any other suggestions ?!

      1. re: mimi222

        oh man. We're talking about beef lung, right? Have you called Hatfield Beef Co? A little farther north, but worth a try...

        The only other thing I can think of is maybe some random international market would have something? Or you could try calling a slaughterhouse directly. Or a farm...

        But I did just find this:

        Old, but might be helpful.

          1. re: corinnerose

            thanks ! will look into this. I guess I'll ask Hispanic and Asian grocery stores where they get them from

      2. Try New Boston Beef in Thompson CT. Their website advertises "select cuts available".

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        1. re: TrollKing

          thanks! They sell heart ! they referred me to a processing facility for the lung.

        2. We used to eat heart and lungs in sufrite when I was young. I read recently that because of air pollution, it is no longer legal to sell lungs. Last year at the Garlic Festival in Bethlehem, CT, I bought a bowl of sufrite, and I recall the lady telling me that they no longer put the lungs in.

          1. try adong asian grocery in west hartford ct.