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May 5, 2011 05:46 PM

8 hour layover in Frankfurt...

We have an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt on Sunday 5/15. Is there any way we can get out of the airport to these restaurants in these post?

Suggestions on how to get there from the airport would also be great. We've never been to Germany, but even a little taste of it in the 8 hours we have at the airport would be really nice. BUT, if 8 hours isn't enough time and we should just stay at the airport, please let us know and we'll just stick with these:


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  1. Getting to Frankfurt from the airport is a fairly quick taxi ride. Hope your flight lands on time and remember to check in at least 2 hours before your next trip. A meal is certainly doable if things work out well.

    1. 8 hours is definitely enough time to see a bit of Frankfurt. The city is much smaller than most people realize and it is only a 20 minute drive from the airport into the city center. A taxi will cost about €20 to €25 with tip each way. Taking the train in is probably cheaper, but will also take a bit more time.

      If you want to see a little of the city, I would take a taxi to the European Central Bank building, walk from there through the park to the Alte Oper (old Opera House), then walk along Freßgass to Hauptwache, from there walk down to the Römer & Cathedral. If you still have time you can walk down to the river and then across the river to Sachsenhausen to get a little neighborhood feel, and then catch a taxi from there back to the airport. This entire walk would take about an hour if it were done without stopping.

      However, pretty much all of the restaurants which I listed in the post you referenced will be closed on Sunday. A couple other ideas:

      - A decent option in the touristy area (very popular with locals) is the cafe in the Shirn Museum which is right on the Römer. On sundays they will serve brunch, lunch, and coffee & cake (a fairly self explanatory and very German Sunday afternoon tradition), depending on what time of day you go.
      - A more traditional place which was mentioned by another poster is Wagner in Sachsenhausen. It is an apple wine pub which has solid (though by no means gourmet) German food, only problem is that they do not serve beer (and apple wine is an acquired taste). Beware that the waiters can be a bit curt, don't take it personally, they are like that with everyone, even the locals.