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May 5, 2011 04:59 PM

Meat for Argentine Asado

Where's a good place to buy argentine style chorizo in SFV/Glendale/Burbank area to prepare at home?

Not a big fan of the one at Mercado Buenos Aires. It doesn't have the right texture or sweetness of the traditional kind. Their morcilla is ok, but not great, and their sweetbreads are kind of skimpy.

The skirt steak is pretty good over there, even have the kind with the flap still on it. And of course the grocery and deli is pretty good for empanadas, cheese, mate, etc.

But is there anything else nearby?

Mercado Buenos Aires
7540 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA

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  1. Alex Meat Market Carniceria
    11740 Victory Blvd
    North Hollywood

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    1. re: trojans

      thanks, I think I went in there once. And I remember the chorizo being more of the fine ground kind, but I didn't like the place overall. DIdn't seem very fresh. BUt maybe I'll make a special stop just for the chori

      1. re: weegeebee

        How about La Chiquita Market?

        19239 Roscoe blvd
        Northridge, 91324

        La Chiquita Restaurant
        14121 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723

    2. Try Rincon Argentino in Glendale:

      1375 E Colorado Blvd
      Glendale, CA 91205
      (818) 246-4562

      1. no luck. no problems finding sausage or chorizo, but the kind I'm looking for I think is called chorizo criollo. It has the texture of a polish sausage, very finely ground and is spiced with garlic, almost kind of sweet. I went to Rincon Argentino, fun place, pack a lot of items in small space, but they got the usual more italian style sausage.

        1. I know it's out of the way, but I'd at least call El Gaucho Market in Redondo Beach and see if they've got your chorizo. It's a great little market with a nice fresh meat counter and seems to be very popular with the local Argentinian community. It's just off the San Diego Freeway at Inglewood Avenue. (310)297-2617

          El Gaucho Market
          2715 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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            I was thinking of the place. El Gaucho is my go to butcher. Try the mixed ribs ( beef and pork ) marinated for $3.99 or so a lb. The Argentine Sausage is very good.. we make Choripan the rolls there are good too ( pop in the oven to crisp ) havent seen chorizo, but I was not looking for it. The vacio is my favorite cut along with tiera de asado ( short ribs ) Great empanadas as well. Cant you tell I like the place..

            El Gaucho
            425 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

            1. re: hungry helga

              right on. worth noting if I'm ever in the area for sure.