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May 5, 2011 04:49 PM

First & Hope?

We'll be attending a concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall this Sunday, and are considering having dinner at First & Hope, but really have heard nothing much about it. Has anyone been? Is it good? We often go to the Water Grill which is, of course, is Patina in the Concert Hall. This time we're thinking about something just a bit less expensive. Is F & H a good choice...or other suggestions nearby?

Water Grill
544 South Grand, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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  1. Noe in the Omni Hotel also serves the disney hall concert crowd.
    Or if you want a very short drive after the concert, go to Taix on Sunset at Alvarado, about 2 miles west. They serve dinner quite early on Sundays.
    Good food, wine list, and drinks.
    Believe roast pork is their sunday special.

    1. I haven't been all that recently, but the two times I have been - most recently about five months ago - I liked First & Hope a lot. It is certainly very convenient for Disney Hall.

      I cannot second the recommendation for Taix. I think it is at best mediocre - if that. The only things it has going for it are the atmosphere (sort of) and the prices. Wine list is not good. Drinks are fine.

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        If you only look at the regular wine list, I might understand your comment.
        But the one typically not offered unless asked for has some sensational wines, nearly all priced under $50.
        The food will never win 4 stars from SIV, but is more than just ok. It can be very good.
        I am not a fan of everything on the menu, but if you get their Monday night filet special, you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Their mussels are very good, as are the duck and lamb shank. Outstanding, no, but for under $23 including veggies, it is a very good value, yet hardly competing with Patina, Noe, or Water Grill for a million times the price, sort of!