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Verace pizza - what's the scoop?

Adjacent to a host of new cheap-eats pizza places in Crosstown & the pricier options in Gastown...
wonder how this place is going to position itself & whether they got the hint that many of us don't want to pay $20 for a margherita pizza, no matter its pedigree...


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  1. Sounds like the next bandwagon for Vancouver restos to jump on (napolitana pizza), along with $10 meat/breads, southern BBQs and the ramen revolution.

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      Yeah, Vancouver is a little late to the Neapolitan pizza party....but it is about time.

    2. Is that what Nicli charges for their Margherita? I can't think of anyone else (not Bibbo) who charges that much. Most places start the Marg at $12. and build from there.

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        Eatruistic, I was embellishing somewhat- although sometimes the difference between a $12 margherita and its $20 cousin is fifty cents' worth of toppings.

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          Maybe there was $7.50 of amore in Verace's bigga pizza pie, you knows, eh ? [wink]

      2. Yes, 2011 is shaping up to be the year pizza broke in YVR. Hopefully, Verace will turn out to be a good place to have a glass of wine and a bite after work.

        I don't mind paying for things that are extraordinary. I am happy that Nicli is there but it wasn't the pizza revelation I was hoping for (and their wines by the glass are criminally marked up).

        1. Well it is a nearby upscale dining alternative to all the cheap pizza places, plus great if you want a dessert that is much fresher than some other places which seemingly serves desserts from a Costco wholesale store.

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          1. Went last night. We tried a salad, tiramisu and three different pizzas - a regular Margherita (they have a DOP version that was $18 versus $14 for the 'regular'), Aspargi e Tartufo (white pie, asparagus, truffle oil, goat cheese) with prosciutto added on top, and a Diavola (salami, carmelized onions, peppers).

            The Marg was amazing - it came out first and we so pretty (sorry - my camera died on my way). The crust does have great flavour. The bottom was nicely charred (but not too much) and there was no sog underneath. Amazing.

            The Tartufo was very good. The prosciutto was an excellent addition. I usually don't go for white pizza but their menu made them look really tasty.

            The Diavola was a little on a soggy side (probably a little too much sauce), especially next to the Marg. And I would say that the 'spicy' salami was not at all. But it was tasty.

            Our salad was a fig, gorgonzola and micro-arugula. Simple but very nice and sized to share.

            Tiramisu had very nice flavour.

            Overall, a great addition to the neighbourhood and we will definitely return.

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              Did you happen to notice if they were burning wood (vs gas) in the oven?

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                Matt says gas. I'm assuming the city would have many things to say about a wood burning oven in a new building (witness what happened to the Transilvania Bread).

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                  Now I gotta ask, what happened to Transylvania Bread ??

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                    Thanks - I read the Vancouver Slop review this morning.

                    According to a friend who is an inspector at the city - they are indeed allowed to permit woodfired ovens (lots of residential ovens have been built lately, and in a number of the new pizza joints). The criteria is just a lot more stringent than with gas - eg you need specially rated ducting, your workspace needs to be specifically designed for woodstorage, ash/ember removal, etc etc. I suspect that many pizza joints and bakeries just won't bother since it requires more space and more hassle.

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                      Sir, you had me at woodfired ovens... or "friend who is an inspector at the city." I can't decide.

                      Transylvania Bread switched to a non-wood oven when they moved shop, couldn't keep wood oven due to said restrictions...or so they said. Cheapskates.

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                        I thought they burned down or something due to their new oven .....

              2. Finally tried this place for myself. Nutshell: good crust, great sauce, good amount of toppings, but perhaps Neapolitan style pizza isn't for me?

                I've tried Nicli's a couple times and the first time I tried it I loved it. The crust was crispy, chewy with a soft centre. Second time the crust was a bit too thick and not crispy. I'm not looking for ultra-crispy but just enough crispiness balanced with chewiness. Maybe Neapolitan-style pizza isn't the right style of pizza if you like crispy? But anyways, Verace's product is good with generous, flavourful sauce and enough toppings. I hope they stick around for a long while.

                I got a calzone to go and it tasted damn good after reheating on my baking stone, although by the time I reheated it, the calzone got a bit soggy on the bottom and sprung a leak on the size. But it tasted great, especially with the crushed tomato on the side for dipping. It was off the hook after being under the influence ^_^

                I love how it's just steps away from Stadium Station and they carry Phillips beer. Maybe one day I'll get one to go and reheat it on my baking stone. I did that once with pizza from Ragazzi and it was also munchie-worthy.

                But for me, my standout pizza memory is Apizza Scholls in Portland. NY-style for sure but amazing all the same.

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                  Oh yeah, it was a Diavola pizza. I liked the carmelized onions in the middle.