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May 5, 2011 04:23 PM

Le Mec Bouffe?

Drove by this tiny place on notre dame west of atwater wondering if anyones tried it? I might try it out now since they deliver and I dont feel like moving.

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  1. So I went ahead and tried it for myself. Its a perfect example of a restaurant that doesnt know what its doing. It seems like they were supposed to have pizza and sandwiches but now theyve changed directions and are now serving food. Theres red snapper, chicken, beef and eggplant and a couple others not sure of. Its all premade and sitting there in front of you.I got the beef and eggplant that came with salad and rice. The salad was like a greek type salad with feta and olives. not sure why. There was a 8.50$ size and a 12$ one. I opted for the 8.50$ just to be safe(tax in). It had potential surprisingly. The eggplant was pretty tasty, but I got almost no beef just a huge bone. Tempted to try something else but something very strange about this place that will make me think twice about doing that. They deliever also for a couple bucks extra for people in St henri.