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May 5, 2011 04:06 PM

Advice: Only 1/2 Day in Tokyo Recs - Thanks!

I’m going to have a 12 hour layover in Japan (Narita to Haneda) and plan to explore a bit of the city. I was told to take the subway to shinagawa terminal, drop my bags off there and explore along the Yamanote line.

Would anyone be kind enough to give me some good reccomendations (1 sushi meal, 1 other) that I may visit during my layover (11am-11pm). I am not looking to break the bank but anything respectable and authentic would be appreciated.

Also, any other recommendations on sights of interest within Tokyo that I should see would be appreciated as well. Too bad I can’t stay longer!!!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Worst case there is a Sushiden in Narita that is really good. We had a last meal there very early in the morning and they had just gotten their fish delivery from Tsukiji.

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      I will actually be leaving out of haneda so I have the make the trip through tokyo anyways.

      Any good reccomendations along the Yamanote line possibly thats near a city point of interest that I may visit after?

      1. re: JBG89

        I think I would leave my luggage at Hamamatsucho rather than Shinagawa - it's the terminus of the monorail to the airport, and it's easier to get to other points of interest from there. What time of day does your Narita incoming flight arrive? And is it a Sunday? How far in the future? I ask because the Narita express train is still on partial schedule right now.

        1. re: Robb S

          Thanks so much Robb. Heres further details. Really appreciate the help.

          Will be arriving Saturday may 14th at 11:10 AM in Narita, and my outgoing flight is at 11:50PM at Haneda.

          1. re: JBG89

            For a piece of Tokyo, for lets say 6-7 hours, the Tokyo station will have some goo japan signature like :
            - the little ramen street underground the Yaesu exit,a display of plastics menu, beauty saloons, standing bookstores readers, wine shop, ...
            - the oldest department stores Takashimaya with his selection of high products and Mitsukoshi 200 meters on the left 
            - the knives and kitchen ustensiled near Mitsukoshi (overside of the avenue), Kiya shop    
            - the Tempura Tenmatsu, near Mitsukoshi... 
            If you still have time, try the other side of the Tokyo Station, the Marunouchi Exit. It will be more peaceful, the logic, a new one, not so reasonable though after the other to walk around the Imperial park, unfortunately, a re-representation.

            1. re: JBG89

              With that amount of time, there’s no reason to corner oneself inside or around Tokyo Station for the day. There are luggage forwarding services that will send your bags to Haneda from Narita on same day for a small fee and then you could take the train into any part of the city- directly to Shinjuku or Shibuya for example. But if you're looking to stow, agree with Robb to take Narita Express, transfer to Yamanote and ride to Hamamatsucho. Considering your arrival timing, you may have a hard time making lunch service for higher end sushi places that serve lunch on weekends, but more pedestrian options like Midori Sushi and the like will be open all afternoon. Alternatively, you could take Keisei Skyliner to Ueno or Nippori and lug your luggage around to a lunch sushi destination in those areas. Probably better though, to try and hurry and book at a sushi place for dinner now in Ginza, Shinbashi, or even Daimon area. During the day, you have enough time to explore Harajuku, Shibuya, etc. for a few hours. We’ve done whole threads on Hamatsucho and the standard search topic should yield plenty of other options for other parts of town. One of Robb’s standby recs, EN, in Shiodome, might be a nice lunch option as there is a nice view of the bay and eastern Tokyo. If you want to stick around eastern side of the city, do Tokyo station environs, palace garden, Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi, and check out the prefectural antenna shops in Yurakucho-Ginza-Shinbashi areas…If you get stuck eating in an airport, Haneda recently completed an Edo village destination dining “street” in the new international terminal. Apparently locals (ok, probably old aunties and such) are visiting just for the food, shopping, and experience.

              1. re: Silverjay

                Thank you guys for the reccomendations.

                Silveryjay, are these baggage transports right outside the airport, and are they reliable? Wouldn't want my baggage to be lost for my 2 week vacation!

                Additionally, we were thinking about taking a taxi to the sushi stalls near tsujiki market in time for lunch, although I'm not sure if we could make it as I hear people arrive quite early.

                In regards to dinner, were not trying to break the bank and hopefully keep dinner under $75 USD per person. Would you happen to have any recommendations?

                Thank You!

                1. re: JBG89

                  The baggage transports are in the airport outside customs. They are off to the left in Terminal 1. I can't remember T2. Probably to the left as well. Yes, they are very reliable. I would google around for info...Re: Tsukiji, they are restaurants, not stalls. I'm not sure the popular Daiwa, Sushi Dai, and Sushi Bun are open past noon. Sushi Zanmai is open all day, but there are branches in Yurakucho as well. I don't recommend Tsukiji for lunch. But if you go, it's quicker, easier, and cheaper to take a train into the city rather than taxi from the airport... Re: dinner, it just depends on what you want to eat and where. $75/person will not be enough for the highend sushi dinner. Use the search function for cuisine type and neighborhood. For an 11:50pm flight out of Haneda, you can pretty much do an early dinner anywhere and make it in time. But sticking to Yamanote Line will make it more logistically comfortable.

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    Ok, keep it on crazy :
                    After your lugages are on deposit, go for a sushi in Tsukiji
                    -sushi Kiraku : open until 15:09 for under 5,000 yens. Before the Tsukiji HonganJi, on the corner there is a soba, take the small street on the 1st corner on the left
                    - a ramen building with very different ramen on the miyasa strear on the East side of Shibuya station
                    - a tempura at Tenmatsu Nihonbashi (from Tokyo station 10-20mn
                    Yes,  a passion : sushi, ramen, tempura, cheap and good. Hope you will enjoy !

                    1. re: Ninisix

                      Print one map, even it is a succinct explanation. With dots, it will help walk from Tsukiji to Ginza-Yurakucho(=yamanote line), and from Tokyo station(=yamanote line) to Nihonbashi

                  2. re: JBG89

                    Most of the inner market sushi places close at 1 or 2pm, so you'd have trouble making it in time (especially if there's a one-hour line).

                    I'd recommend going someplace more central for sushi (like Kyubey in Ginza, for example) for lunch, and then going to a nice izakaya (such as EN in Shiodome mentioned by Silverjay above) for dinner. There's also a good branch of EN in Marunouchi near Tokyo station, although it doesn't have quite the same spectacular view as the Shiodome branch.

                2. re: JBG89

                  OK, it looks like you might have to take the airport limousine bus rather than the Narita Express; if I'm reading the schedule right, there are no NEX trains between 11:15am and 2:15pm because of cancellations:

                  It might be easiest to take the limousine bus to Tokyo station and stow your bags there, though there are other options such as Ginza or Shiodome:

                  1. re: Robb S


                    I suppoes I will be taking the bus then, Im hoping the luggage transport is there to make it more convenient and then wll hop on the bus.