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May 5, 2011 04:04 PM

Got a copy of China White's Menu

It's pretty small in selection and in typeface. There are 34 items total, including the sides of rice (which don't appear to come with entrees).

They have dim sum, salads, dumplings, "bao bao bun" sandwiches, rice- and noodle-based dishes, protein-focused specialties and soup, of course. Price-wise, it's kind of what I expected but hoped against for the neighborhood. Just to give you an idea, the Tangerine Beef is $32. Sesame Chicken is $22. The BBQ rib appetizer is $16. Want some chow fun? $16. The dumplings are priced from $8-12 for veg, pork, or shrimp.

The decor is very sleek and modern, like all of the Pennette/CB5 restaurants. It looks like they're serving dishes with mass appeal made with organic ingredients and priced for the trust-fund crowd to eat while they pretend they're at a place in the city. $6 for egg drop soup, and I'll bet it only serves 1. We'll be trying it next week to see if it's worth the price.

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      1. Ridiculous. The last thing we need around these parts another over priced mediocre fusion place.

        1. Their menu is posted on their facebook page. Seriously, $6 for egg drop soup? $12 for lomein? I think with gas and tolls it would still be cheaper to travel to Flushing for REAL Chinese food--I will pass on this joint...

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          1. re: Marge

            Americans don't go for REAL Chinese food for the most part. They use every single part of the carcass, nothing is wasted.

            M & T on Kissena Blvd. is a very authentic Qingdao region Chinese resto in Flushing...


            A Chinese person there told me that in the Americanized chinese places everywhere, they use the same sauce for everything, they just tweak it a bit for the dish and use different proteins and vegetables.,..

            1. re: Marge

              would you please post the fb link. I can't find it. thx.

                1. re: Marge

                  Thanks, Marge! You're a doll.

                  Those prices are stratospheric, and even funnier when you consider the owners are trying to attract students from Purchase and Manhattanville. Unless those kids have already made their first 5 million from a dorm-room internet start-up, they aren't going to China White. And I really doubt Pepsico will sign off on multi-hundred expense account chits! Don't mean to be gratuitously negative, but I really don't get the menu, the prices and, most of all, the owners' thought process. But what do I know...

                  "China White hopes to draw the from Purchase's corporate crowd during lunch hours, but will also stay open late for the nearby college students from nearby SUNY Purchase and Manhattanville College. Chinese drinks will also be available at the restaurant's sushi bar to go with appetizers and other menu items.

                  "We're not going to rock it out, but I think both those universities represent kind of a cool, artsy, student," Pennette said."

                  1. re: mrsdebdav

                    Why does the song "Chinese Rocks" come immediately to mind? Is the food that addictive? Will there be lines? Sheesh!

                    1. re: Sloth

                      Did Soon YI purchase any thing around here? Does Wood Yee know? C'mon. China White?

                2. re: Marge

                  It's not even $12 for lo mein, it's $12 for what is commonly known as "cold noodles with sesame sauce." The lo mein is $15.

                  1. re: foodiemom10583

                    Haha, you're right! No, thank you, Chinawhite...

                    1. re: Marge

                      I agree! Could the lo mein be twice as good as what I get at Chopstix on Garth Road? Doubtful. Also, I can't get past the name.

                3. A Chinese person told me that in the Americanized chinese places everywhere, they use the same sauce for everything, they just tweak it a bit for the dish and use different proteins and vegetables.,..

                  FLUSHING ROCKS!!

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                  1. re: menton1

                    Don't forget Brooklyn! Brooklyn Chinatown is awesome, too!

                    Four of us went to East Harbor Seafood Palace on 65th Street two weeks ago for dim sum. We parked for free half a block away. It was a huge space and almost every table was taken on a late Friday morning. We had over a dozen fabulous dishes (clams with black bean sauce, freshly-made tofu, sticky rice, siu mai, etc.) and spent about $75. For the same money at China White, we would've gotten their two beef entrees. Insane.