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May 5, 2011 02:29 PM

California Swirl

Anybody hear of this new place opening in Lakewood, NJ? So curious about it! I'm hoping it will be like Pinkberry, etc.

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  1. Nobody knows anything??? :-(

    1. The store will be opening on Clifton Ave downtown Lakewood within a month. The store will be a similar Self serve concept to Pinkberry, yogurt Factory, Swirls, Etc. rotating flavors and a TON of toppings. Price is by weight. Should be a fun store to go to!!

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      1. re: lkwdinsider

        I'd say I'm excited but that would be an understatement! I hope they have ustinernlotalty cards:-) please post when they open!!!!

      2. Getting quite impatient and wondering why they haven't opened yet. Such a store gets it's core business from Spring and Summer, and they've missed out already...

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