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May 5, 2011 01:03 PM

Heirloom Tomato Plants In San Diego

Looking to start my first garden. I love tomatoes. Yet the tomatoes at the store are so woefully bad I decided to turn this little sliver of yard I have into a garden. Tomatoes and garlic are the plan! Garlic later in the year obviously.

So ... I'm in mira mesa. Where is there a good variety of plants, if any? My fiance can't eat anything acidic so a few plants are good enough. I'm excited to taste a real tomato possibly grown by me. I've never planted a thing in my life so I have some reading to do.

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  1. Walter Anderson Nursery. They carry literally hundreds of different heirloom tomato varieties. They have locations in Point Loma and Poway. As nurseries go, there is no close second in San Diego County.

    Point Loma Cafe
    4856 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

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    1. You should definitely check out Pearson's Gardens in Vista. They have the greatest selection of vegetables and herbs I've ever seen, way, way better than Walter Anderson or any other chain nursery.

      For instance, here is their selection of heirloom tomatoes, they are currently stocking 83 varieties in 4" size (not just packets of seed).

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          I was going to suggest a couple selling 4" tomatoes at the Vista farmers market, they had about 15 varieties. I looked on the Pearson website and they put everybody else to shame.

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            If you're near Vista, you should definitely drop by this place some time, if only to see it. They have entire sections of the nursery for mints, thymes, basils, and just about every herb you can think of. My wife and I were up in Vista exploring nurseries for ideas and this place blew us away-- we probably spent an hour wondering around the place trying and comparing the different varieties of herbs. (We're planning on adding a sub-irrigated garden in front and planting Longan, Wax Jambu, Avocado, Dragonfruit, and Citrus trees from California Tropical Fruit Trees in the back, some day...)

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              Be sure to plant very soon. Our tomatoes, which we planted in early April, are already growing fruit. Last year, when I planted in late May, I was disappointed, although that was probably because we had a long spell without much sun.

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          wow thanks for that rec. I gotta check this place out.

          Sadly I havent' started my garden yet. I know, time is running out.

        3. Went out to Pearsons last Saturday. Their herb selection was out of this world. The tomatoes selection, while decent, was probably not as big as the gal at the Vista farmers market, which we had just come from. If it is herbs you are after, make the trek out to Pearsons.

          1. Buy some at the farmer's market and just save the seeds from one you like.

            1. You should check out the plant dealer at the Hillcrest Farmers Market on Sunday's.
              City Farmer on Euclid.