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May 5, 2011 12:55 PM

Husband in NOLA...what ingredients/foods should I have him bring back for me?

We got back from a family trip to NOLA a few weeks ago and now my husband's going back for work (sniff, sniff). I'm making a list of stuff I want him to bring back with him: Camellia red beans, Union coffee, and as many cases of Abita as he can smuggle past security. Kidding. I'd actually love to get some tasso and andouille, but don't know how that might work. A Central Grocery muffaletta? What else should I have him bring? Checking a bag is cheaper than an extra plane ticket for me, so I'm trying to make his trip worth my while. :) Thanks.

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  1. We were there a couple of weeks ago and brought back a jar of the Central Grocery olive salad that they use on their muffaletta. They sell it bubble wrapped and boxed ready for check in luggage. We also picked up some seasonings from the New Orleans School of cooking in the FQ.

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      olive salad is VERY easy to make at home, it's just spanish olives, pepperoncini and giardiniera chopped up (I don't even add the kalamattas) with evoo and I think lemon juice.

    2. I always bring back Louisiana Crawfish Boil (powder not liquid) I like to boil veggies in it. Louisiana BBQ Shrimp seasoning mix, Louisiana Gold Horseradish pepper sauce, community coffee, pepper jelly.

      Just don't shop at the French Quarter Market - prices are insane there, find a grocery store instead, Rouses is good.

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        BBQ Shrimp seasoning is VERY easy to make at home, it's just black pepper and Worcestershire sauce, and I think lemon juice. :)

      2. You can order tasso and andouille or boudin online easily. Tell him to get you some Cajun Land Seasoning which is made in Metairie. They sell it in Jacks brewery. Good luck.

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        1. As a native new orleanian who now lives out of state the only thing Im unable to source from a regular grocery store or easily make for myself is tasso and zatarains crab boil. Everything else seems to be readily available everywhere or is very easy to make for yourself.

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            What about Creole Cream Cheese? Can that also be ordered online? I thought that it was quite hard to find?

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              I rarely use it, but when I need it I just make it. Its really easy to make, you just need skim milk, buttermilk and rennet.

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                I was under the impression that the Cream Cheese was made the old fashioned way utilizing the specific bacteria that exists in the area (somewhat similar to a San Francisco sourdough bread).

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                  Same recipe is in tons of cookbooks etc. It turns out well.

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                    Nope--it's just clabbered milk. No special bacteria or local microflora.

            2. A vote for the Zatarain's liquid crab boil. Very concentrated, and significantly different from the dry. Years ago, Fitzmorris urged me to switch, and I did. I buy it whenever I see it when I travel and always run out before I see it again.