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May 5, 2011 12:42 PM

Bars in Park Hill?

Finally got to Colorado and am loving my new neighborhood. Are there any good bars in walking distance of MKL Blvd and Holly St? I've been to Oblio's, but was wondering if there's anything else decent in the area where a single woman wouldn't mind hanging out.

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  1. Perk Hill Coffee serves beers, good coffee, rents out movies. Its not a bar by any means, but its a nice place to have a drink, watch a movie and get to talking with people. It's also really dog friendly.

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      Dog-friendly is good:) I have two well-behaved border collies who wouldn't mind joining me for breakfast. Thanks!

    2. Sorry, but that is not a great bar area, I am up there as well. Park Hill has a historey of being very anti liquor license, although it has gotten better in the last few years.

      The closest is probably the Berkshire in Stapelton, it has a nice bar area and some good wine/beers/food. There is an Irish bar there as well that has never appealed to me.

      The Cherry Tomato does have a bar (down on 23rd at Dexter). But it really is not a place people go just for a drink.

      Other than that, you really need to go to Colfax to find a good bar. The Elm is ok. The bars over by the Bluebird are a good mix, about one for any mood with Mezcal, Goosetown, Atomic, R-Bar, PS, Lost Lake, and even more within a few blocks. All an easy bike ride, a longer but very doable walk.

      Pary's on 28th just got a liquor license, I have no idea what it is going to be. In the old Satchels at 28th and Fairfax. So keep your fingers crossed!

      By the way, check out the Gelato place down there at fairfax and 28th. Good gelato, very friendly.

      3230 E. Colfax, Denver, CO 80206

      Cherry Tomato
      4645 E 23rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207

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        Oh ya, forgot the Cork House and Solera on Colfax. You will often have no one to talk to but the bar tender, but both usualy have friendly ones and they both have good happy hours for wine and occasionaly will have a small crowd. And Cork House has an awesome patio now that it is patio season again!