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May 5, 2011 11:38 AM

need 2 dinner spots in DC for next weekend

won a bet and I get to pick 2 restaurants for dinner next saturday and sunday in Washington. would like good spot for 2 guys to eat loud ok eat at bar ok what ever is fine with us. I don't want to break my friends bank but want a great meal if possible. we like steaks(most meats) italian ok he doesn't do sushi or chinese. thanks

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  1. For steak- what about Ray's the Steaks? Won't break the bank, but are big good steaks. Not in the district, but close by in Courthouse.

    For Italian- what about Dino? Rustic and very good, but again not breaking the bank.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      I second both of ktmoomau's suggestions.

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        I agree with Ray's the Steaks for the steak. Amazing hanger steak. It's not in DC-proper though...not sure if that is an issue.

        For the Italian Dino is a good choice. Bibianna is also excellent.

        A couple other places to consider are Central, Againn, and Poste.

      2. Ray's is great, but the scene is non-existent. I'd check out Carmine's for Italian.

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          I think Carmine's is a bad choice if there are only two people. It's really a place that's better suited for bigger groups.

          Dino and Acqua al Due are both good options for Italian, IMO.

        2. I suuggest Againn, an Irish gastropub, in DC and Lyon Hall, an Alsatian place right by the Clarendon metro in Arlington, VA. Both high, high quality throughout, and maybe something you can't find in Sharon.

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          1. re: Steve

            I think Againn will work best. we want to stay close to town and Againn looks like a great guys nite out spot.(my wife said it looks like a great couples spot as well). for the second night Dino so far but still looking around alittle ...thanks for all the help so far any other thoughts on Italian spots is appreciated. Steve your right Sharon has no spot like Againn good advice...

            1. re: kevin25

              Bibiana is kick ass for great Italian at not-totally-outrageous prices. Get the lemon ricotta agnolotti, the fried artichokes, and the marubini.