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May 5, 2011 11:36 AM

Montreal With 20-Something Old Son-Early June

Will be in Montreal over a Thursday and Friday in early June with my son and regrettably I have not been to Montreal since I was pregnant with him twenty-four years ago.

We will be looking to have an early dinner Thursday, Friday lunch and dinner. We will be staying at the Hilton Bonaventure and are happy to walk/cab it.

I booked dinner reservations at Moishes on Thursday (thought he may like a steak) and F Bar Friday...but not sure these are great choices...but maybe they are, He definitely will not want to dress up and eschews super chi chi places. and eats (and definitely drinks) mostly anything. My husband says I should take him to Schwartz' for lunch. I am not a big meat eater and would like a really fun, quintissentially Montreal place, with a good vibe, Friday evening. A friend has suggested Garde Manger, but it appears to be somewhat over-rated. Thoughts and recs most appreciated. Many thanks.

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  1. With a 20 something, I'd skip Moishes.

    Go for :
    Chien Fumant.
    La Salle à Manger.
    Le Comptoir.
    La Buvette Chez Simone.
    3 Petits Bouchons.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I second these choices. I am 24 and these are all favorites of mine. After Salle, head up the street to Bily Kun for drinks.

    2. I would skip Moishes as well. Max's suggestions are very good. Your son would probably like the atmosphere at Garde-Manger. I think it could fill your Friday night idea, but so would Chien Fumant. F Bar and Brasserie T could be good choices too. Have you considered Au Pied de Cochon. Very Montreal, lots of fun, casual place and great food.

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      1. re: stephlovestoeat

        Thanks so much....I checked the menu at Au Pied de Cochan and it doesn't appeal to me...not big into charcuterie, but I know people love it. Called Garde Manger, could only get in at the bar at 6:00 pm...bit of 'tude on the phone, I may add. Could not get a website for Chien Fumant. Le Comptoir seems very heavily into charcuterie as well.

          1. re: kpzoo

            Unfortunately my French is not what it should be. Any idea how to get the website in English? I have noticed many of the Montreal restaurants have a tab to click on English...couldn't find one here.

            1. re: sherry f

              The web site does not say much.

              The menu is posted on a blackboard at the restaurant, and I assume changes often.

              if you have access to FaceBook, then have a look at :

              1. re: sherry f

                Unfortunately because the site is all-Flash you can't use a tool like Google Translate. As Max says below, the site doesn't say much. You don't need a Facebook account to see the info & photos on their FB page, linked above.

            2. re: sherry f

              Sorry about all the meaty and charcuterie reference!! :-)

              Another place that is nice and offer more fish dishes (if not in majority) is "Le Filet"


              1. re: sherry f

                Don't base yourself entirely on the online menu at APDC. They have insanely good seafood (in season) and many new menu items show up depending on arrivals/markets/etc. I've been there 4 or 5 times now and am always impressed.

            3. Moishe's is musty old supper club atmosphere with mediocre steaks, a boring menu, and a clientele consisting mostly of those who can probably no longer make use of their taste buds. Definitely skip it, a wasted dinner in this city.

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              1. re: OliverB

                I have been in city a long time and never had a desire to try moishes, you might want to try toque on edge of old montreal, they have a lunchtime menu which is more reasonable priced and also 400 coups near bonsecours marche in old montreal, they are open for lunch fridays, and dinner of course, but perhaps these are too fancy for what you are looking for.....Young adults tend to like Holders in Old Montreal

                you might like dominion taverne which is quite close to your hotel


                Grande prix race festivities occur June 10-12 so that weekend the restos are crammed and prices go skyhigh in city but perhaps you will be here a week before so will miss the frenzy

                1. re: wilmagrace

                  Thanks for all of the advice. Was trolling and found "kitchenette" which seemde to have positive reviews and a varied menu booked it for one night. Would love feedback. Got a reservation for Dominion Tavern the other night and cancelled F Bar and Moishes. Got a 6 oclock at Garde Manger at the bar. Perhaps we could have a drink and an app there and then move on to Dominion tavern. Please let me know if I am crazy, and if Garde Manger is worth the hype...thanks!

                  1. re: sherry f

                    Kitchenette is great. You won't regret it, even though it doesn't have a ton of discussion on chowhound. Dominion is also good, though the food at Garde is almost certainly going to be better. Eating at the bar is probably the most fun so I wouldn't think you'd need to change venues unless you're really unhappy with the Garde vibe, which can get pretty loud as the night rolls on - though at 6 this shouldn't be a problem. The reservation attitude happens with the busiest Montreal restaurants (as in most cities), so don't take it to heart. Your service in restaurant will likely be perfectly hospitable.

                    Otherwise I agree with the Lawrence reservations below. Great food and the best staff around.

                2. re: OliverB

                  moishe's makes a decent steak. also few places have bone-in filet mignon which is A+ in my book. If your son doesn't want a boorish atmosphere, I'd recommend against Moishe's --- but there's no doubt over the past few years that Moishe's has stepped up their game - the service is always excellent too.

                  I'd skip F-Bar, I've been three times now and never thought much of it. I especially can't stand bland, unglazed shortrib. I'd say get into Kitchen Galerie if you can --- that is currently the quintessential montreal stop in my opinion and the perfect vibe.

                  Also making its mark is Lawrence in the Mile end district. It has everything Montreal about it - I'd go there if I were you. Their menu changes on a daily basis - here is a sample from their latest

                  Kitchen Galerie
                  60 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S5, CA

                  1. re: celfie

                    A second for Lawrence... it's young, fun and kinda hip-bohemian.

                      1. re: Maximilien

                        Here is another suggestion that is a favourite for all ages, we have enjoyed the food and ambience and i dont recall anyone on board complaining about food or service

                        1. re: wilmagrace

                          Well we had an amazing time in Montreal- forgot what a spectacular city it is. We walked everywhere. Thanks so much for the suggestions and advice.

                          We hit up Kitchenette one night, and the other night we had a drink and an app (that famous poutine) at Garde Manger followed by dinner at Holder. I have to say, Kitchenette was the winner. We ordered all appetizers and the food was awesome and it is a really cool place. We never made it to Schwartz's for time!

                          1. re: sherry f

                            Hey thanks for sharing back your experiences! Glad you enjoyed yourselves, and hopefully you'll come back sooner than later next time :)