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May 5, 2011 10:19 AM

Passadis del Pep or Rias de Galicia

One night in Barcelona for seafood.

Which would you recommend?

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  1. I have not been to Passadis del Pep than 7 years but unless the food has improved, I would definitely choose Rias de Galicia. Order the simple preparations and what they can obtain that are rare: large pink shrimp, cigala, percebe, baby octopus, sea cucumber, anguila.

    1. I haven't been to Passadis del Pep but we just ate at Rias de Galicia 2 nights ago and it was phenomenal. Obviously it was pricey but you sort of expect to pay for food this good.
      Starters: Sashimi: Toro, Scallops, Salt water eel, and a fourth that I think was snapper. The ginger was fresh and spicy and uniquely different than most sushi places, the wasabi itself was really good, and the fish was beyond very fresh....really impressive.
      Mid course: Octopus: I saw it written that you should order here what you can't get anywhere else and the truth is the Octopus was really good, but I think you could get the same or better elsewhere.
      Seafood Platter: An amazing collection of really, really fresh shellfish. Loved it. Just great.
      Desserts: lemon gelata with a lemon-gel covering a collection of berries-perfect, mango/chocolate mousse...elegant in presentation and perfectly rich.
      This was our best meal so far in Barcelona I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

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        Another thumbs up for Rias De Galicia. It was our first meal in Barcelona and the seafood was really very fresh. Being from Asia, we did not go for the sashimi but the seafood platter was great with an assortment of spider crab, prawns, shellfish, razor clams, etc. They have both a cold and a warm one. The spider crab cannelloni was also great as was a turbot in a cream sauce. I had a cannoli like dessert which was good too. It is a traditional place like Botafumeiro but I think is the preferred seafood joint in Barcelona now.

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          I'm glad you chimed in about Rias de Galicia. From Mark's comments above, I was starting to wonder if there had been a mistake. Sashimi? Ginger? Wasabi? Asian flavours are very popular now in Barcelona (eg Dos Palillos, La Xina, Koy Shunka, Kibuka etc) but I usually avoid them for reasons similar to yours.

          1. re: Aleta

            hmm..reading what I wrote I guess it does sort of sound like a review of a sushi joint, which most certainly this was not...that being said...all that is required for good sashimi is is really fresh fish, and that was my point. The pieces of fish were amazing. There take on ginger was unique and different than any japanese restaurant as the it was pickled with some spicy component that made it very distinct. This was one of many appetizers there...It just happened to be quite good. The shellfish was really the maior portion of the meal and that was perfect as well.