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May 5, 2011 10:14 AM

Saturday night in Ottawa with (grown-up) family

Can anyone recommend an easy, low-key restaurant for a Saturday night extended-family dinner in Ottawa? Concerns are: my husband is a strict vegetarian, his brother is a strict vegan, the rest of us don't have any dietary concerns but my Step-Father is mildly scared of spicy/ethnic food outside his comfort zone. We would hope to spend $15 - $25 on mains and really just want somewhere where the food is yummy and we can comfortably enjoy each others' company. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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  1. Zen Kitchen on Somerset Street just east of Bronson is fantastic. People who aren't vegetarian or vegan still love it. Should make a reservation.

    Another vegetarian restaurant/vegan restaurant is called The Green Door and is on Main Street. Also lots of dishes that would appeal to non-vegetarians.

    Main Street Cafe
    1626 Stittsville Main, Stittsville, ON K2S1A2, CA

    1. I agree totally with the recc for Zen Kitchen. - wonderful

      As well, I have friends who like The Table at Wellington and Holland but I can't offer an opionin as I have never been there myself .