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Feb 7, 2006 05:00 PM


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has anyone been to any of the Kabuki japanese restaurants in So. Cal? any thoughts?

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  1. Yes, I have thoughts on them - icky, nasty, chewy, not-even-close-to-fresh fish thoughts.

    Steer clear - they're overpriced and oogie.


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    1. While it's better than say Todai, it's not good sushi. Especially for the price you're paying, I'd pass.

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      1. re: imda14u29

        it's better than todai and it's also more expensive than todai.

      2. RUN the other way!! please! it's NASTY

        1. Since this original post was over a year ago, I recommend you folks try them again. Expecially the one on Foothill. Vast improvement on both the service and food side.

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          1. re: Young K.

            There are too many great sushi places in LA to consider eating at Kabuki. I recently tried the one at Howard Hughes Center and didn't find it very good at all.

          2. Kabuki used to be a good Japanese restaurant when they were owned by the people who run/ran the Shogun in Pasadena. Kabuki got sold, went all "chain" and went downhill from there.