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May 5, 2011 09:23 AM

Rockland, Maine, Lobster Festival, August, 2011

We are planning a trip to Maine, (coming from Montreal, Quebec)hope to rent a cottage and stay 1 week. Looking at areas with great seafood close at hand. Is this Festival as good as it sounds? Thanks.

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  1. You'll get varying opinions on this topic for sure. I think the festival can be good, kitschy fun but I wouldn't consider it a "foodie" event.

    Come to midcoast Maine for the great food - no need to center that around the Festival. There certainly is a buzz in town that week though....

    1. To be honest, we found the festival super-lame and the lobster overpriced. It was supposed to be one of the highlights of the trip and we thought it was just terrible; sort of C-list county fair stuff [what this Canadian imagines it to be]... However, Maine is awesome, and you can't go wrong on any of the cities on the coast. Eat at some seafood shacks and you'll have your fill of amazing lobster rolls and chowder, with more charm & half the price.

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        Thanks to both for the replies! We definitely will visit Maine, skip the Festival and follow your recommendations.

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          There are plenty of great places to eat in the Midcoast, particulary Camden/Rockland...and many threads here on Chowhound on that topic. I wouldn't dissuade you from coming during Festival can always go check it out and decide for yourself if it's your cup of tea.

      2. I would rent a cottage on the St George peninsula. It's beautiful and secluded but a short drive to Rockland for the festival and great restaurants. Search for rentals in Marshall Point and Port Clyde at the end of the peninsula, or Owl's Head, Sprucehead, and South Thomaston closer to Rockland. it's all beautiful!

        St George Cafe
        9 Bridge St, Henniker, NH 03242