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May 5, 2011 07:40 AM

Graber Olives -- can I buy them in the GTA?

I discovered heavenly Graber Olives from Ontario, California, while living in the US. Perfect fruit in a delicate brine, unlike any other olive I've tasted.

Does anyone know if I can buy them in the GTA?

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  1. Intrigued by these olives you mentioned, I emailed the company to ask and they repied they don't sell them to any resellers in Canada nor can you order online for shipment to Canada, but you can phone them to place an order and they will ship to Canada.

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      They're so tasty I could go for a whole case. Thanks for investigating, Flexitarian. I might order them online to a Niagara Falls, NY, mailbox if shipping to Canada is ridiculously expensive (and those 'brokerage' aka. rape and pillage fees... ugh). These are the most spectacular olives.

      It would of course be convenient if I could find an acceptable substitute for Grabers in the GTA. One of these days I'm going to sniff around Whole Foods for other tree-ripened California olives.

    2. Funny...I just toured the Graber factory last week. Worth doing if you're ever near Ontario. Just wanted to say to anyone not familiar with these olives that they're the best. I grew up in that area and always try to bring a few cans home with me.

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        Now that's a food pilgrimage I'd sign up for...!

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          Great recommendation. I am going to take a tour the next time I visit my friend in LA.

          1. re: Flexitarian

            It's a cool tour. Ours was led by the company president (a Graber). It's an interesting operation...very small and labor-intensive. And they still use a lot of old equipment. There's a nice gift shop where you can fill all your Graber needs.

        2. Graber Olives are still the most delicious olives of all time. I recently picked up a few cans at a Fresh Market in Sarasota. I think Whole Foods in the US might stock it.

          I also found a brand at Fresh Market called Lindsay Naturals -- their California Green Olives taste very Grabery at a slightly lower price point. FYI.