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May 5, 2011 07:17 AM

Restaurant recommendations for group of physicians - September near McCormick Place


I reviewed the post about restaurants near McCormick place and gathered that there are no Chicago Chow Gems within walking distance....

I will be attending a conference in mid September and will be arranging a dinner for 10-13 physicians. Was hoping for a great recommendation for a spot that we could cab to, that has excellent food (great steaks a must!) and will fall somewhere around $110-$130/head.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. The Gage, a gastropub featuring American cuisine is a nice option and a relatively quick cab ride up Michigan Avenue. It's adjacent sibling Henri, with more of a French bent is also a nice option. Both offer steaks but are not steakhouses. If you're aiming for steakhouse there are a number of them a few minutes North of The Gage.

    1. I used to plan dinners for physicians in unfamiliar cities so I get your objectives. You can easily cat to most of the good places in Chicago. There are plenty of steak posts on this board. Most people lean toward David Burkes, although some people have had complaints there as well. I have taken docs to Capital Grille with great success. I know it's a chain and not a Chicago-exclusive, but the food and service are very good.

      Not sure The Gage fits the bill for what I remember those doctors expecting in terms of being honored for the low-level gods they can feel like. It's a bit too noisy; a bit too casual.

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          I purposely didn't mention Gibson's. I guess it depends on the docs and whether they would feel comfortable in Ground Zero of the Viagra Triangle.

      1. You clearly want our best steaks. Go to David Burke's Primehouse.