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May 5, 2011 06:52 AM

Kosher Deli at Baltimore Wegman's?

I am planning to be at a hotel in the Hunt Valley section of Baltimore, and found that the Wegman's in that area is the only one in the area listed as having a "kosher deli." Anyone know what I might find there?

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  1. The deli at Wegman's is not kosher, it is kosher style. Sometimes, in the area near the "kosher deli" they have some packaged things that are actually kosher, usually smoked fish products or knishes, etc, but not that much better selection than any supermarket. If you go, be careful as they often display traditional "Jewish food" such as rugelach, honey cake etc, from their in-house non-kosher bakery near the the kosher food displays. If you are staying at the Marriot in Hunt Valley they can provide kosher frozen meals with enough advanced notice.

    1. Wegman's has plenty of kosher food to tide you over if you are not looking for "meals". The deli is not kosher certified but they do have kosher packaged cheese in the dairy section, yogurt, packaged bread/pastries, etc. Echoing beaconstreet, the hotel can definitely get you boxed meals from a local caterer. There are many kosher affairs there all the time.