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May 5, 2011 06:38 AM

Need suggestions for overnight stay w/ superb food near Paris

Have been to Paris many times but, with the exception of visits to Versailles and Chartres, have not explored areas beyond. Next February we will have one night available to stay overnight near Paris before heading home from CDG the next day in the early afternoon. To celebrate a special occasion, we would like to find a beautiful hotel with a superb restaurant that will involve only an hour or so travel time from the city and to the airport. From a brief survey of the board, it seems that Les Crayeres has many admirers. It sounds wonderful, but I'd love some other suggestions as well so I can do further research. Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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  1. "only an hour or so travel time from the city and to the airport"
    Do you mean by car or by train?

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    1. Les Crayeres is quite "far" from the airport.

      Just make it easy on you and get a good hotel in the city and book a good restaurant.

      Anyway, it's in 10 months, you have a lot of time to decide!.


      1. Les Crayeres is in Reims, which is a 45 minute TGV ride from Paris, but NOT close to CDG. Assiette Champenoise is also in Reims, and is worth a trip for either dejeuner or diner. ;)

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          Dijon is 1 hour train away and has good eats.

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            Actually Reims and Epernay are now a half an hour TGV ride from CDG using the new station at Champagne Ardenne just south of Reims. Its about a half hour taxi ride from Epernay.

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              how would the OP get to Reims from the train station w/o a car?

          2. Les Crayères is wonderful indeed (but who's the chef now?) -- l'Assiette Champenoise is the obvious alternative. As for another city within an hour of CDG that would have great food, I have nothing. Truth is, the are one hour around Paris is mostly 1/suburbs and then 2/ boring openfields.

            There would be Rouen, yet. Le Mans is one hour away. While place are in regions where one eats well, they have no great restaurants and nice hotels that I'm aware of.

            I think you're stuck in Reims, dude. Or Paris, mind you. There's always Gordon Ramsay in Versailles, at the Trianon.