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May 5, 2011 06:37 AM

Looking for party location for 14 year old girls

I am looking for a location for my daughter's 14th birthday. The girls are getting tired of the usual TGIF,Applebee, Chili lunch/dinners so we were trying to come up with another type of eating location. Lunch, dinner or dessert in the Freehold/Marlboro/Manalapan area. Wondering if anyone had a suggestion. Thanks...much appreciated!

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      1. might be a little too far from the mpan area but here is an idea for dessert

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        1. re: boodie1821

          Yes it is too far...I like that place is a lot of fun. Thanks

        2. If you're not far from Edison you may want to try the AMC theatre, the one at Menlo Park Mall has the Fork & Screen option so they can eat and watch a movie at the same time. The food isn't great but pretty on par with standard TGIF, Chili's fare, and it's something different.

          Other "different" dining options .. hibachi maybe? I'm not familiar with too many restaurants in the area but I'm sure you could find a good one.

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            Thanks great ideas....Edison maybe too far for a party but may be fun for my family. Thanks

          2. I see parties for this age group all the time at the local Hibachi restaurants. Try Mahzu in Freehold.

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              My friend just had her daughter's 13 th b-day party at Mahzu and she said the girls loved it!! Jsfein, great choice!!!


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                Thank you Mahzu is fun. We are also considering The Melting Pot in Red Bank for a dessert party...just have to figure out the cost. Great ideas everyone...truly appreciated!!!

                1. re: 104dka

                  if you have 12 girls or less how about a cooking party at cook n tell?
                  Sue Sell does great stuff and it's all hands on for the girls.