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May 5, 2011 06:21 AM

Tamale Kitchen - Roxborough Park

My husband and I were heading to Roxborough State Park for a nice hike and we needed sustenance on the way. We decided we'd just stop somewhere that looked good on the way in and that ended up being Tamale Kitchen. I looked it up later and found that it's a Denver-only chain of 8 stores.

We were astonished to see one of the family meal deals. It was 12 tamales, 12 tortillas, 1 pint of beans, 1 pint of rice, 1 pint of chile sauce, and a 2 litre bottle of soda for only $21. We went for that. :) We got 6 green and 6 red tamales.

This was -really- good, filling food (keeping in mind we live in Vermont, not New Mexico ;). The red tamales were milder than the green. I don't like heat as much as my husband, so the green were too hot for me after the first bite. The burn from the red built up, so I couldn't eat much at once. The red were more meaty than the green, as well. I loved the beans, they were flavorful and a good texture for refried beans. I didn't much care for the rice but my husband liked it fine (I'm not big on Spanish/Mexican rice in general). My husband absolutely adored the chile sauce and regretted having to leave it behind when we left. This was too hot for me, but I liked the small taste of it I tried. :)

We were impressed and pleased with the quality and low price of this meal. My husband said if they ever opened up a shop near us, we'd never cook home again. :) I heartily recommend at least this particular store (and probably the whole chain) to folks as a good, fast, tasty lunch or dinner. They had other family meal options that incorporated tacos and burritos, as well. I would totally go back. :)

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  1. the tamale kitchen on mississippi and sheridan is the only one ive been to, and i gotta tell ya, those are some bland tamales with hardly any meat in them. across the street is tamales moreno, which has excellent tamales with lots of flavor, but the parking lot at tamale kitchen is always full and i have yet to see another person at tamales moreno while im there. ???? i dont get it.