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May 5, 2011 05:51 AM

A hidden gem

The only thing we do more than work is eat out- so although not a self proclaimed gastronomique guru- I would say it would take a lot to dole out 5 stars. We have been visiting La Pergola frequently for three months- and I think in fairness it takes a series of visits to truly accuratly judge a new venue.
That said we give this establishment a complete thumbs up in every way- although we tend to eat at the bars so I hasten a comment re table service quality. The New York chef is really talented, and does a great job at melding flavors and textures- from the basics of a multi cheese platter appetizer to a clam soup that often appears on the special menu, the menu is really well thought our and offers a refreshing change to other shoreline dining establishments of which we are blessed to have so many great ones! A lot of unique offerings will keep you coming back- including a variety of imported pastas that I have yet to see on any of my other favorite NH County restaurant menus.

This restaurant is treated as a seperate entity from Tollis- its pizza house neighbor- to such an extent that you can not order a pizza when in La Pergola. I salute Anthony for sticking to this concept and strongly recommend you try this hidden gem soon- they serve dinner only except Sunday brunch which is an excellent value also

La Pergola
408 Main St, East Haven, CT 06512

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  1. By failing to mention where this "hidden gem" is located, you are doing your best to keep it hidden I see.

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