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May 4, 2011 10:00 PM

Advice on pulling off a Deep Fry Party?

Hi, I'm new to the boards,

Trying to arrange a deep-fry event for 20 or so people in Allston. I'm looking around but need to figure out where I could rent a deep fryer for a day or two. Probably about large enough to fit a turkey and everything smaller. If anyone has advice on where I could rent something like that, any safety suggestions, recipes, what else to make sure and have, general ideas and concerns I'd be thrilled to hear it.

Event in question would be next Friday the 13th, in a yard with ample space and current, very fire safe. Hoping to do a bring-your-own-thing and dip into a pre-prepared vat of batter (recipe ideas?) then fry outdoors. Any help?


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  1. Try Rental Depot in West Roxbury. They rent other catering equipment. You may have to rent the butane burner and buy a big deep kettle. That you can get at Harbour Restaurant supply.


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      You are awesome! I'll look into it

    2. I would watch Alton Brown's procedure for deep frying a turkey. Here is the show broken into 3 Youtube videos:

      For smaller items, I would setup a couple of fondues on tables......I don't think you want folks dunking into the turkey vat! A standard meat fondue setup will also accommodate batter-fired items nicely. You may have to re-heat the oil a few times.

      Good luck!

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        thanks! i wasn't expecting so much excellent help so fast. what a great site

      2. What a fun idea. Please let us know how it goes.

        One challenge you will have is disposing of all the oil. You might want to contact the guys at to see if they'd be interested in taking it off your hands.

        1. As a host, it may be tricky to keep the oil at temperature.. you want it hot but you don't want it to ignite..

          And if you want to do french fries, fry them at low temp first, then you can just finish them at high temp. You can pick up big multi-gallon jugs of peanut oil at any warehouse club.