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May 4, 2011 09:06 PM

would appreciate help re food shopping

Hi -- can anybody suggest any fresh food markets near Ambler that carry fresh/wild fish? organic meat? Would rather not have to go all the way to Reading Terminal. Thanks so much

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  1. If you can manage with frozen wild fish, consider Trader Joe's. I googled TJ/Ambler and got three hits.

    1. Some of the seafood at Assi market is pretty darn fresh! There is always Whole Paycheck and TJ's both in North Wales and just a hop skip and a jump from Assi.

      1. During the summer, the Skippack Farmers Market has Wild caught salmon, frozen and excellent quality. It’s a family operation, they also have natural/free range chicken and pork from Woodsong Hollow Farm, the farmer Nitya is a lovely woman and you can pre-order to pick up there

        here’s the farmers’ market website…for me it’s one stop shopping (not all vendors are organic

        1. I second the Assi plaza recommendation. Fish selection is large, and quite fine... not to mention all manner of cuts of meat.. large variety of veggies..etc..

          1. Do you have a problem with Whole Foods in North Wales?

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              I had grown accustomed to WF in Jenkintown. When I moved to Montgomeryville, the North Wales store was a disappointment--much smaller so less of a selection.

              1. re: gaffk

                I agree with you completely gaffk. I prefer both the TJs and WF in Jenkintown over the ones in Montgomeryville. The biggest problem with each of the Jenkintown locations is the parking situation... its horrible.