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would appreciate help re food shopping

Hi -- can anybody suggest any fresh food markets near Ambler that carry fresh/wild fish? organic meat? Would rather not have to go all the way to Reading Terminal. Thanks so much

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  1. If you can manage with frozen wild fish, consider Trader Joe's. I googled TJ/Ambler and got three hits.

    1. Some of the seafood at Assi market is pretty darn fresh! There is always Whole Paycheck and TJ's both in North Wales and just a hop skip and a jump from Assi.

      1. During the summer, the Skippack Farmers Market has Wild caught salmon, frozen and excellent quality. It’s a family operation, they also have natural/free range chicken and pork from Woodsong Hollow Farm, the farmer Nitya is a lovely woman and you can pre-order to pick up there

        here’s the farmers’ market website…for me it’s one stop shopping (not all vendors are organic

        1. I second the Assi plaza recommendation. Fish selection is large, and quite fine... not to mention all manner of cuts of meat.. large variety of veggies..etc..

          1. Do you have a problem with Whole Foods in North Wales?

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              I had grown accustomed to WF in Jenkintown. When I moved to Montgomeryville, the North Wales store was a disappointment--much smaller so less of a selection.

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                I agree with you completely gaffk. I prefer both the TJs and WF in Jenkintown over the ones in Montgomeryville. The biggest problem with each of the Jenkintown locations is the parking situation... its horrible.

            2. Try the Chestnut Hill Farmer's Market. I'm not a big meat eater, but I've gotten fresh fish there many times when I haven't had the time to go to Reading Terminal. Its a small farmer's market, but has great stuff.

              You might also try Fresh Market in Horsham. I haven't tried it yet, but I keep meaning to. Its definitely been busy when I've passed it, so I think something in there is good.

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                Great meat and fish at the Chestnut Hill Farmer's Market (also a killer gelato spot). There's another shop set off from Germantown Ave whose name I never remember--maybe my fellow hounds can help me out--that has produce on the first floor, and incredibly fresh fish on the second.

              2. If you're interested in poultry, Dave's Poultry (Flourtown Farmer's Market) has a great selection. Everything I've purchased there has been extremely fresh. Their poultry tastes very different and much better than supermarket stuff. And they will butcher/trim the various cuts to the customer's specifications.

                1. has anyone mentioned the new whole foods in plymouth meeting....it is pretty impressive!

                  1. thanks for all the suggestions.