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May 4, 2011 08:53 PM

Prairie Bistro - The Enjoy Centre - St. Albert

It was a beautiful day here in Edmonton so we decided to take a run out to St. Albert and visit the new project of the Hole Family.

The Prairie Bistro is the food component of a complex which either currently holds or will hold the garden shop, wine store, bakery and spa amongst other things.

It has just been open a couple of weeks or so and partly as a result, is experiencing "growing pains" but my first impression is that it will be a welcomed addition to St. Albert . The restaurant is part cafeteria style in that you can pick from the salad bar or pre-made sandwiches from a cooler or order grilled panini sandwiches or daily specials at the cash, pay for the same and then they will be delivered to your table.

The dining room is quite large as is the adjoining lounge with a bar that has an excellent selection of wines, 5 or so by the glass, red and white and a larger number by the bottle.

Today's lunch menu [they are currently open for coffee and pastries, brunch and lunch with dinner and table service to come soon] had 3 grilled panini, roasted vegetable on house-made foccacia [9], pulled lamb on house-made ciabatta [12] and a grilled cheese [7] and 4 hot specials.

My wife and I opted for 2 of the latter. She had the Four Whistle Farms Roast Chicken with crispy polenta, herbed tomato sauce and sauteed vegetables [15].

I had the Irving's Braised Berkshire Pork with spinach, fennel, apples and crisp gnocchi and pork jus.

Both were quite good and the servings a reasonable size for the price point and it being lunch. I was told that the cafe is featuring local products.

In addition to what we ordered, there was a Spinach & Egg Frittata [11] and a Rose Ridge Beef Chili [13]

After lunch we strolled through the gift shop/store with a number of interesting gardening items and greenhouse area with its hanging flower baskets, others in displays or pots along with vegetable and herb plants.

The facility is directly east of Ray Gibbons Drive which is what the Anthony Henday becomes when it loops around St. Alberta within the Riel Industrial Park at 101 Riel Drive.

Once all of the construction gets completed on the western loop of the Henday, it will be an easy and short drive from all over the city.

I know, that we living in the west end will be back.

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  1. Thank for the review Bob. Have heard only good things about this place so far. Hope to get there, but am leaving yeg soon and don't think I will be able to work it into my packed schedule.

    I'm glad to see that they are using Four Whistle chicken, which I think is just as good as SunWorks (more common in restaurants I think). Did you notice who they were sourcing the lamb from? Possibly Four Whistle?

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    1. re: Dan G

      Sorry Dan G..did not see any reference to the sourcing of the lamb and that is how it is simply described within the sandwich list as contrasted with the hot lunch specials.

      I seem to recollect a newspaper [likely the Journal] article that may have dealt with its sourcing but do not clearly remember.

      It is a pleasant alternative for a relaxing, casual lunch particularly when the weather co-operates.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        A bit of a trip to St.Albert for me, but I'm looking forward to it when I get a chance. Thanks for the info Bob.

    2. I was there for Mother's Day brunch with seating in the dining room. Service was a little spotty but understandable since they had a full house. Entrees were excellent, salads were ok and desserts were tasty, but not a wow like the entrees were.