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May 4, 2011 08:21 PM

Ramen Halu -- "Lobster and Dungeness crab Ramen"

Determined not to lose out this year, I checked the website for their annual lobster ramen.

It's back, in a new format:

"This renewal “ Lobster Broth ” is made using a delicate cooking technique that combines roasted Head & Shell of Lobster, Dungeness crab and Prawn, Sake, Mirin, Yellow Onions, Carrots, Celery, and Tomato Puree. Right before serving we blend our special “Lobster Broth” and rich “ Tonkotsu Broth ” with our original “ Shio Sauce ” and finalize it with a splash of our original “ Sho-yu Sauce ”. This truly exquisite balance of flavors is due to the fine mixture of Japanese and French cooking techniques ! ! !"

*Must* get down there by May 15, $4+ gas be damned (although the English page says available until "Sunday, May 17," May 17 is not a Sunday. The Japanese page says May 15, which is a Sunday. )

Anybody who tries it, please report back.

Ramen Halu
375 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

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  1. Debbie M and I ventured down there on Saturday. It was very, very tasty. The yellow onions were fried crisp, and there were green onions too. Not a huge amount of lobster meat, but sufficient; it's the broth that is the star. $16 with regular Halu noodles and $17 with whoie wheat.

    Halu has redecorated recently; the closed-off booth areas are gone, the look is minimalist, much lighter, less cozy. The surfboards and the fish mural on the ceiling are still there, though.

    312 8th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

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    1. re: Nina

      The broth for the lobster ramen is very good; it reminds me of french onion soup with the rich and savory flavor of the onions and the ramen broth. The crab, lobster and prawn toppings are excellent.

      I had it with the original noodles, which were perfectly thick and chewy. I had a bit of broth leftover, and our server recommended that we take it home to eat with some french bread.

    2. My brother and I met there tonight to check out Lobster Ramen 2.0. William had tried it last friday when he described it to me as loaded with toasty onion flavor infused in a viscous porky tonkotsu stock.

      Today he said that the serving of seafood was more generous. The onion component was less overt and pork taste was less dominant in favor of the taste of the sea. I enjoyed the lighter broth styling, but William said he'd like a thicker, porkier version.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I tried it. broth was definitely sea over pork. heavy roasted shallot/red onion. noodles are still great and the highlight of this place. seafood not quite generous (bigger lobster piece) at a $16 price point. usually ramen halu (tonkotsu) for me is porky but too salty and laden with fat bits (not so drinkable for me).

        1. re: ankimo

          This lobster-pork broth seemed not nearly as salty as the regular tonkotsu at Halu. But later I felt it more in my thirstiness, so there was plenty of salt there.

          My brother forwarded corrections to my garbling of his opinion: "Fyi. Ps. The lobster ramen. Last time more thick and lobstery, opposite of what I think u wrote. With you, more dilute with pork. Less oniony, toasty. But had more lobster. Fewer shrimp by one or so. I think I wish for more oniony strips like before that were in every bite.

          So, first time really toasty, but the thick lobster/seafood broth stands up to that all permeating toastiness. As opposed to what we had which in retrospect seems more refined in comparison."

      2. It's back, until May 31. Same French-leaning version as last year.

        Served at dinner, only