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May 4, 2011 07:46 PM

Best Paso Robles Wineries for Large Groups??

So, I am planning my sister's Bachelorette Party and were planning on going wine tasting on the Saturday out in the Paso Robles Wineries. We are kind of a large group (about 14-16) and I know some wineries are better for large groups..any suggestions??

We will be staying at Lake Nacimiento, so we're going to stick to the "far out" west side wineries.. I am planning on coordinating a bus to take us all around..any suggestions on companies for that?

My sister mentioned wanting to go to Wild Coyote, so I am pretty sure that one is on the list, but I need 2-3 more..we're looking to go to 3-4 wineries over the course of the day.

We want to plan lunch at one of them, so if anyone knows any winery in particular that has a good size area to eat and allows people to bring in lunch. I am having sandwiches and salads catered.

We are looking for wineries that have good wine, but are not super expensive.

Any suggestions or recommendations please! There are so many wineries to choose from! haha

Thank you!


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  1. I did a wine tasting tour the day after my wedding in Paso Robles. I hired Wine Wranglers - and it was awesome. They made appointments at all the wineries and made sure we didn't miss any. We got married at Summerwood, so the chef catered our picnic lunch (sandwiches) - but I think Wine Wranglers offers this service.

    We were a party of about 15 and went to Denner, Jada, Tablas Creek and Opolo. We had lunch at picnic tables at Tablas Creek. It was a perfect day!

    Have fun!