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May 4, 2011 07:42 PM

chef coming to marietta, georgia for research. Any suggestions?

Staying in South Marietta in May Tuesday through Thursday Lunch. Flying in and out of Atlanta from Detroit. Coiming to see Holeman & Finch but am interested in: for lunch...chef from top chef another top chef guy... i hear mixed reviews in decatur i would really like to go here!!! if we go to decatur decatur too

Are there places closer to Marietta that we should be visiting? We are looking for restaurants with highend pub food, american cuisine (whatever that is right?!?!), great design, cool drinks (vintage style cocktails are a plus) and great service. Places that emphisize local is a plus!

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  1. Salt Factory in Roswell. Locally owned and operated. Food is fantastic. High end pub food with a fantastic beer and wine list. Everything from the Roswell Burger, fried oysters, fish and chips to the more "exotic" Asian wings, seared scallops over truffle infused risotto. They have a weekly specials menu which highlights the local produce. The guys that own it are fantastic. They also own a food cart inspired restaurant three doors down from Salt called Inc street food. The kitchen is actually framed out like a food truck. Food is outstanding there as well.

    1. Closer to Marietta:
      Muss & Turner's (shared ownership with Local Three but very different; more of an uber-deli feel where they make everything in house)
      Heirloom BBQ Market

      Holeman and Eugene are very different experiences but Linton Hopkins has a hand in both. Eugene is more fine dining, so I'm not sure that fits your bill.

      Other ideas:
      Sound Table
      H Harper Station (for cocktails)

      It may be one of those trips where you have to eat 4 meals a day just to try to cover all the places you want to. Or stay through the weekend.

      Muss & Turner's
      1675 Cumberland Parkway Ste. 309, Smyrna, GA 30080

      1. You've got a good list and some good additions below (I second Muss & Turner and Sound Table), so i'm trying to think what might be more in the Marietta direction for you. 5 Seasons Brewing emphasizes local, in-season food and balances it with a bit of sports bar vibe (watch the game and enjoy lamb tenderloins or a Kobe corndog) and of course their own brews. Can't really think of anything else that direction; you really need to get into the city.

        5 Seasons Brewing
        5600 Roswell Road (The Prado), Atlanta, GA 30342

        Muss & Turner's
        1675 Cumberland Parkway Ste. 309, Smyrna, GA 30080

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          Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I looked them all up and you guys are totally on track with what we are looking for! We are going to try and hit as many places as possible. I better start dieting now! That is a lot of food in 3 days...

        2. good list--- id try Pastis in roswell--sister restautant with Anis in atlanta--excellent french country food

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            What we did and an what we thought:
            Burgers at Flip were great, so were the drinks and the service. We had tha Osso Bucco burger, the Shrimp burger and the Brussels sprouts. YUM!
            We had wine and pimiento cheese @ South City Kitchen. the cornmeal cracker served with the cheese was one of the best housemade crackers I have had in awhile. Need to ask chef for recipe.
            We stopped in at Muss and Turners and took dessert home: smores, chocolate salted tart and lemon tart. All were very good and beautiful.
            Sat at the bar at Abbatoir, awesome chicken liver pate in a jar, and housemade beef jerky, charcuterie plate and good beer. Service was very indifferent though, bartender could have cared less if we were there or not. Cool dining room, if service were better I would be in love.
            Pop corn (too greasy), hushpuppies and lamb slider, and simple cheeseplate (could have used a lil sumpin else on it) at Local Three. Warm service and a cool hidden jem! One of my faveorite places.
            Taco mac (I know it is a chain but we went for a certain sandwich)...a shitload of beers on top! And the best bartender we had the whole trip! Thank you Chad!
            Lunch in Roswell at Salt, kind of dissaponting, we had the fried shrimp app. Maybe it is just what we ordered??? Cool looking place though. LOVED Inc. Streetfood and their softshell crabs and margaritas. Cool joint, great idea, great bartender!
            Decatur was my favorite. leons full service was GREAT! Bacon in a jar with penut butter, frites with curry sauce,flat bread pizza, mussels, and an amazing chickpea salad.
            Cakes and Ale was okay, gourgers were boring, service was nice, best thing there was sliced ham salad with marinated greens. very good!
            Drinks at Brick Store Pub. Too busy to eat (and we were full) but loved the atmosphere! The beer list was to die for!
            Holeman and Finch with the funny and snarky waiter with attitude but he was good and I say if you can walk the walk well then talk the BS too. I love a good snarky server! GREAT drinks. The BEST "hotdog" I ever had in my life, deviled eggs were average, raw oysers (served on chilled rocks (cool!) farro sald medium. hot spot...lots of action. One of my favorites of the trip. Amazing dessert some kind of "pudding" English style, caramel?
            last spot was BLT at the W for lunch the popovers are worth the trip but everything else was good, but not super cool or over inspiring.
            Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Atlanta is a hot food town!!!!