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May 4, 2011 07:42 PM

Cabbage Burgers/Kraut Burgers in the Omaha or Lincoln NE vicinity

Besides the chain, Runza,

Are there any other restaurants, bakeries or other establishments that serve a Cabbage Burger or Kraut Burger?

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  1. I can only remember two times that I saw them as a special at small town bars. Call Rezac's in Weston. That would be the first place I'd look. Call around to all the small town bars in the area too. Also, maybe try one of the Lithuanian places in the area. I remember the one on Leavenworth (couldn't tell you where it was now), was more eastern european rather than specifically Lithuanian.

    Rezac's Cafe
    2346 County Road K, Weston, NE 68070

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      I called Rezac's- and they don't serve it- I also called a place called the Lithuanian Cafe and they don't serve it either. I won't be in the Omaha Lincoln area for another month- so I'll check around and make some calls - hopefully you or some other folks can think of some other places in the meantime

    2. Josephine's Cozy Corner Lounge
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      Bar, Near South, Downtown

      2201 Pierce St, Omaha, NE 68108

      (402) 345-7197

      Josephine's Cozy Corner Lounge
      2201 Pierce St, Omaha, NE 68108

      1. I leave in just over a week. Any other responses would be helpful.