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May 4, 2011 07:38 PM

Is this bacon safe to eat?

I ordered bacon shipped from San Francisco, (I live in L.A.). It arrived in two days, however the bacon was cool to the touch (not cold) and the ice packs had melted. Is it safe to eat? It was $8 a pound, I would REALLY hate to toss it!

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  1. Without sending it to a lab it is hard to say however bacon is usually cured and was likely cold enough for the length of time needed. I would give it the sniff test, make sure it was cooked through and don't serve to infants, pregnant women, elderly, or people with immune system deficiencies.

    1. Cured? Nitrites?

      I'd eat it. All that salt!

      1. Nobody can tell you whether your bacon is safe to eat or not. It would have to be tested to be certain. I can tell you that leaving food at temperatures above refrigerator temps. allows for rapid bacteria growth. Depending on the variety of bacteria, cooking may destroy it; or it may not. The decision, ultimately, is yours.

        1. Call the company and tell them what happened. If it's a problem, they should send you a new pack.

          1. I'd say it's almost definitely fine IF it is cured bacon. A properly cured bacon can sit out at room temperature for days. Even if it has turned, it will just taste bad. A cured bacon is almost certainly not going to have any toxins or dangerous bacteria after only a day or two.