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May 4, 2011 07:20 PM

Congrats to Troy Johnson of Riviera on his new show Crave on the Food Network... [moved from San Diego board]

Awesome Troy!
Your audition tape (Free Philly Cheese Steak) is great and can't wait to see your new show, Crave, on the Food Network..
Crave, is written and hosted by Johnson and premiers June 20 at 10pm.
Wishing you all the best..


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  1. Caught it on The Best Thing I Ever Ate Monday night and thought he did a bang up job. Donovan's looked great on camera

    1. Troy has been pretty funny the last month or so on Twiiter, posting updates on the daily shooting schedule, location, food consumed, and deterioration of his digestive system: "Food Network shoot, Day 27: Deep-fried burger day. Every time you eat one of these things, a flax seed dies."

      Should be a fun series.

      1. Hey guys. I had to resign up for Chow to say thanks. (The moderators and I got all pissy with each other a long time ago so I took my ball and went home).

        Sincere thanks. Hopefully I don't come off like a Grade A Tool, and that we teach people some stuff, make a food bucket list, and a chuckle or two.

        Flying to New York on Monday for the most important shoots of our trip. Kind of stand-up monologues similar to my demo tape. Not sure if you've seen that or not. But this is the tape that got me the gig. And if I do my job right, it'll be the same attitude/style of the show.


        Thanks again.

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          That vid is Out Frigging Standing..you killed it.
          You have a great on-camera presence and you are going to kick some serious ass!
          You are the next Big Man on Campus and only wishing you the best at FN..

          Beach Chicka

          1. re: ohcrackerplease

            Wow...I have a ridiculous crush on your vocabulary...particularly your similes... ;)
            Can't wait for the new show! Best of luck!!!

            1. re: euroshrimp

              Thanks, Euro. Workin on it as we speak. I'm a simile junkie.

            2. re: ohcrackerplease

              Love the tape - can't wait for the show. Will you have to watch your mouth or will they "bleep" you?

              1. re: delong99

                Thanks, delong. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to be a little less colorful with the language. Luckily, I've learned a few non-bleepable words along the way.

              2. re: ohcrackerplease

                Caught the pizza show last night, you did kill it. Love your angle and share it as well. And the fact that you got into it with the mods makes you plain grade A in my book. If you ever need some LA tips, knock on my cyber door.

                1. re: blackbookali

                  Thank you, brother. Been a crazyfun ride. i've bookmarked you for L.A. tips. If this show gets legs, I'll definitely be back.

              3. Major props to you Troy on your new show, Crave, busting out of the gate on FN tomorrow..
                I will drum the long version of Freebird in your honor tomorrow..

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                1. re: Beach Chick

                  Thanks a ton, Beachie. Crazy times. I'm gonna go vomit now.

                  1. You friggin nailed it bro...great show!

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                    1. re: Beach Chick

                      Thanks, BC. Wow. Feel like I just spent a night on Pitosin givin birth.