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May 4, 2011 07:04 PM

Suggestions for anniversary dinner with limitations

So our anniversary is coming around again. Usually, we do a tasting menu at a fancy restaurant. This year, we were finally going to get around to Melisse. But I'm 5 months pregnant, and a 3 hour meal sounds like too much for me right now.

Geographically, we're willing to go as far west as Beverly Hills (we live in Pasadena). There are a lot of newish restaurants that I want to try, but most of them are small plates kind of places. I find that it's better to go with a group to those kinds of places because hubby and I aren't big eaters and we end up not being able to try that much stuff, which is disappointing. We're definitely more into the food than ambience, but since it's for our anniversary, we'd like it to be nicer than a hole in the wall. We like all types of food.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Since you are in Pasadena, try The Royce at the Langham.

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      We just went to the Royce last month for our anniversary. It was very nice, though not as dazzling as the Dining Room under Michael Voltaggio. But the OP was looking for something that wasn't a 3-hour meal. Our dinner there lasted 2:45. Otherwise, I'd agree that it is a perfect choice for an anniversary dinner. Impeccable service. Fancy, without being stuffy.

    2. The other idea is to still do Melisse....which really is lovely....and order a la carte. It could be a warm up to a later celebratory dinner after the baby!

      1. Congrats on pregnancy and anniversary! I know you said no small plates, but you may want to consider Playa. I'm 6 months pregnant and had an amazing dinner there a few nights ago with my husband. The bartender made me a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail. The portion sizes were not huge (with the exception of the grilled octopus salad) - we tried about 5 things on the menu. What was most impressive was the chef came out to talk to me about pregnancy-friendly items on the menu.

        Not new, but Campanille was also accommodating.

        Or maybe Scarpetta?

        225 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210