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May 4, 2011 06:39 PM

Daytona lunch ?

I used to do Billy's Tap Room, which had it's flaws but was ok. I'll be in S. Daytona area tomorrow. Where am I headed ? Any and all will work

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  1. So.......I had lunch at Oceans in NSB. A blackened grouper sandwich. Not great but better than most. Fresh potato bread, fresh lettuce and typical tomato. and a side, pasta and veggie salad, for 12 bucks. But the fish itself was about a quater inch thick. If grouper have to be what 20" or more filets would have to be thicker, yes? So maybe tilapia ?

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      We usually get our fresh seafood there and dont eat in. The seafood is superb quality. I doubt they would switch fish but it may have been the trimmings from the tail end or belly that were left when they did the fileting.

    2. sorry I did't see this sooner. if you're in S. Daytona, why go to New Smyrna to eat?
      I would have reccomended US 1 Restaraunt on US 1 in S Daytona.
      good food, good prices,& nice atmosphere.